b'Con\x1f dential Record Folder Employee Personnel File FoldersCon\x1f dential Personnel Pocket File Protect all your con\x1f dential employee records in a secure folder. Record training, licenses, emergency contacts, performance appraisals and salary history on the back of the folder.StandardExpanded CapacityA1202Manila A1204ManilaA0778Green A0781PinkA0780GrayPrice per pkg/25. Standard: 9 3 / 8x 11. Expanded: 11 x 9, 1 spine.Available in 4 Colors!Con\x1f dential Employee Record Folder Store all con\x1f dential documents, from salary Standard and insurance information and 401(k) bene\x1f ts, to performance appraisals and warning notices. Record additional information on each pocket in the space provided. Order the concealed version provides for extra protection from prying eyes. Con\x1f dential EmployeeCon\x1f dentialCon\x1f dential Personnel FileA0503Standard Safety and TrainingPersonnel Folder Comply with state and federal recordkeeping A0653Concealed Capacity A0175Expanded Capacity Record Folder Comply with state and federallaw by \x1f ling, securing and retaining important 3 3 employee document in one convenient \x1f le. Price per pkg/25. Size: 9/ 8 " x 11/ 4 ".Store emergency information, accidentrecordkeeping laws by \x1f ling, securing Expanded: 1" expansion. and retaining important employeeA221Standardreports, training records, violations anddocuments in one convenient \x1f le.A222Expanded Capacityspeci\x1f c hazardous material records. BeLog salary history and bene\x1f ts data,Price per pkg/25. Standard: 12 x 9;prepared for sudden OSHA inspectionsand store sensitive paperwork. Expanded: 1 spine.and avoid having to search through scattered records.A223StandardA224Expanded CapacityItem No. A2210 3 3Price per pkg/25. Size: 9/ 8 " x 11/ 4 ". Concealed Cover Price per pkg/25. Size: 9 x 11". Expanded: " expansion. 10 Recordkeeping Folders Recordkeeping Folders11'