b'Workplace Safety & Training Workplace Safety & TrainingBLOODBORNE PATHOGENS Understanding Forklift Safetyand ControllingBloodborne InfectionsThe Danger ofBloodborne pathogens are orecganisms or viruses in human blood tha . 10 Steps to SafetyBloodborne FIRE EXTINGUISHERS y Handling FireLifesaving Posters Forklift Safety Bundle 2. Loading & Unloadingthat is visibly contaminated with blood aginal secretionst can inf, saliveca, and ant and cause diseasey other body fluid . Other body fluids can also cause inftion, including semen, vWho Is at Risk?Pathogens wwheol ive ay come in contact with blood or other bodily fluids islo aotd r/isfklu. iTdh eexspe oinsudrievi, dsuucahlsainsc hluedaelt ha ncayroen eEmergenciesAnhyoo nears ,d em mergr fe in rscty-r-eressppoonnsese m weodrikcearl sc, ahroeu asnedke/oerp hinagv es ptaofteernst, ipaol blice, firefighters and lifeguards.provimdeTo avoid infection and disease, pract all bodily fluids artice a method called Universal Precautions, developed by the Center For Diseasey k i es mounted. 1. Training B D 3. Batteries 1. R Fiemain calm.Conettry prol. Tecautionshis method assumes tha otective equipmen tially dangerWHE w blood or other potentially inf sher i inr apklaecse s thoa lplr beve esnettmanodv wemheeneltobflo tcrkusc kssh, atlrla bilee r s,seoccukrebdo abredf oorrebtrhiedyg eaprela dtersiv, sehna olvl bere,pwriotphe trhleyi r& Fuel TanksHow to AvoidIn Csaf , as w ed? CPRous, and recommends the use of wr s or u plac gh rt aos hsiismta/hnecor helpre i rnigstheta ad. Iw. Kf the door is cany.o Kwn wowh etrhee A tEyDpoolseaonf, d in fijrusrty a aindd k tithse a erex akcetp lto. cTahtiios inn ofof rtmhea vtiioctni mdo. eAsv nooidtmtaokvei tnhget ,Communicate lifesaving techniques clearly whileMakes forklift safety a priority and follow OSHA rulesThe employer shall certify that eachor railroad carsfwtruhiclkes ,lo taradiilnegrs ,d a wnde arkainlersoas dbeforer ta htee dra cteadp accaiptay cnietyv eorfetxhcee treudcekd.sOhanllly b leo hadasn dwleitdh.inFhuee el ntagninkesissh arul t nnnoing and spi al ell as personal pr 2.e potent that does not allo RE the clo .sest fire exting ectious mucous membranes. nd out eacua e comxactltion prInfection ase of Fire 3. Follow ev Usocedur w esmon sense w as required has by been 29CFRtrained 1910.178(1). and evaluatedThe flooring oe do nftoor .breaks an When stacking or tiering, only enough backwarded lwlahgiele s h materials to pass through it to reach your work clothes, street clothes, undergarments, skin, eyes, mouth, or other ith any serious injury. operator or unloading. carst be fil Before attempting to exit, feel the door. If it is warm, DO NOT openseek an alternate HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks the bodyv9i1cna1ti m(toe exit, r ohtehneerv eemain in the r ociationest saf. These e exit.instructions are for adults only (infant and children CPR differ). of the certif operatorication, the shall date include of thethetraining,sheaylabreecdhreivcekn Tavoi inde dneed.Call 911 exit. If there is no alttChaeler ed Cros mergenibclye ;n burminboom and call fe our)e flop. The nameth tilt to stabilize the load shal be used. berucksof repairs to the er pIf the room fills with smokeplace of CPR, dr (Caop trdiopo yuolmour hands and konary Resuscitationeeswhern) training. Foe yr eou hamergenvce the best y first aid and CPR training, contact your Human Resources Departmen open the door and exit. Close the door behind y the date of the evaluation, and theelectrical system shall have the battery em, and can eventually cause a disease knowns immune syst Rthable airand crWhat is as AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).chance of finding brlocaaeatl oruse the stairs complying with OSHAs General Duty Clause.with this comprehensive training compliance bundle. identity disconnected prior to such repairs.How Is HIV Transmitt Do not use the elevor America.n aHwl tearto the near As the training of the orperson(s)evaluation. performing Bloodborne paegarthogens such as HIV and HBV may be present in body fluidsersal pr, precautionsimarily blood and semen. All body fluids and tissues HIV/AIDS? contact, needle sharing, and contact with contamina o s s ted blood or body fluids. It is NO. HIV is primarily transmitted through sexualfe fd la e e . r s .i sSi e s a o h p if d t at e f x ll a o s e s iis c n t s t u yBt e ek p c e e s g e ea y i e t y t. o sn n eT c io e l n h t e a f e t x n t e h f tv t e i d r i eg to e t e u . A t id o e i u er o rr st n arc k o o a ae t x y r s i l en cl.l 1 o a a T t a( r s o r k ts ee e e ti le t h f t n s f w , i t e e lro he. e vlt C ri a a cyn a r su p t p e u s l ; s abr oe s fn ) s n a e an obstructed airway.Forklift Operators Daily Checklist Always Week Ending_____________________________ 4. Routine should be r ded as potentially infectious and handled using univwith a person who has HIV. 1 Make su by re i h t is s u at rp c afc e tor adults and childr b r o en over 8 years of age who hav he Truck # ______________________________ horseplay shall IndustrialWhat isCHOKING ci u n. .a e u ess cfi l Follo U sst fe m w thes osl h e ona h e st i rl wt eps f i p o i s a u b r a p a : or ct n riim e o o l n T transmitted by touching or casual contacta t s a p tic e teanslin,t,i ou e,istance rightianwstaeya. Kd.n Konwo wth we typreeoAfE iDnsjuarnyd Includes laminated poster with 10 vitalPlease Print####Rememberbox. # ChecksEvery fire extinguisher is labeled using standard symbols for the flusn. Th nsat b iV i appro r mb t t i h t n s oB e ec kitt e ip e v s: rt O h rd ha m io eo e n d m u gu is s v t. A rced slasha vic through any of ib c le o ther if te or asHour Meter Reading: Date_________ Date_________ Date _________OK MAINStunt #MAIN ) in the OK#MAIN / / Date________ before being trucks placed shall in be service, examined andHepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. It can be cau cyla ir o sl o m ir io arst o o b h ah y s u ing u h nj d r rm y.osCa nn 91 o he bhe m u er e hm d eno rg n ent alrdh tiyo p mbe g help to him/here c ninfectious hepatitis such as A, B, Non-A/Non-B, C and DenHn trita anex us tiioo dsets vilnprla caer of sCePR ( eer po s not be dri permitted.ving andCommon Types f aig m C taa and t gA me ir h e s tsi,s nm rn eH icaa o uishso eo n siuno D g t w epasm go ed m y i u ev pu g le m Rtnre Hsyu.esacritta Atsiosonc)i atrtaioinn.ing. For emergency first aidForklift inspections must be completed daily at the beginning of each shift. If no problems are found, place a check (shall be kept clear shall not be placed in service if the nd CPR than ing, ceontactts y our ann o t takse th resnica elRhee d Cltrho cssa orrA oinmedrriuycasHepatitis? of Firesbly ae onftfiecriped wated. ed through s 1 m v ln al cont h acF t, needand m imin ng ad ex u cosure to contaminated blood o reas yrialsPoster Set If the item does not pass inspection, place a check in the NEEDS MAINT. box and describe the problem in the Comments section. Date _________ / / examination shows any condition urmane RHow Is HBV Transmitted? n 1n0 dfecatyios on dirsecs exC lassF iresr:e ex f w ro y c o b mbustibles such as wood, cloth, Fire aisles, access to stairways, andadversely affecting the safety of the Determin HBV (Hepatitis B Vupatiriouns) cal ran bisk oe tf HithBransmit Obs tly re paper, rubbe te ent o at m ker cliqlo t with infr pectoed blo ol /body fluir bdsod./ / / / / / fire equipment / / vehicle. Such examination shall be made y p idss.suoilCheck Your1 if tKneo w Tei e3 Matioe on mc 2 s ande 2 .C ates to the ex : the u , la neelre act od or o ee thch outiaod nefec s ma 1 2 3 WR02421 of each poster shown procedures to help avoid accidents Place check in OKMAIN MAINTENANCE OK MAIN MAINTENANCE OK MAIN MAINTENANCENEEDS T. Running over loose objects on theNEEDS T. MAINTENANCE OKNEEDS T. MAINTENANCE at least daily. Defects reported when and found corrected. shall Vacid Choking is recognizable when the victim CANNOT breathe, cough gas. Date_________ Date________ao a jb w Fla e tblcan bereaso ta ete sit mm roadway surface shall be avoided.hvictm or talkno air is moving through the persons throat. Ask, Are y bleentincludingapplicable box (Initials) (Initials) (Initials) / / MAINTENANCE OK APPROVAL MAIN APPROVAL be immediatelyFiresahnd WhoicshtCEoxmtinmgounis Thyepr etosUof eing? If the vic w lra , soi l- Cb F asred pain etrgizceq nrdic f all equiapmNEEDS T.APPROVAL NEEDS T.APPROVAL NEEDS T.APPROVAL MAINTENANCE OKNEEDS T.APPROVAL(Initials) (Initials)chok 3 ttempt to wak , stand by, but APPROVAL(Initials)a tim can breas: , cough or speakEnis choking: en expoous membr opriao uste f do not interferee.tim fuse boxes, circuit breakers, machinery and appliances. Accelerator 10. Keep5. TravelingA writ the vicring, entially infectious materials while(Initials)skin, eye, muc sure controanel pla, or parn is reqenuirteerdal c if iont catacn bt with blood or other potreasonably anticipated that one or more employees may have 2 If the vict performing their job. This plan should list each task and procedure with occupational exposur, T .and explain the Checklist help identify possibleBrakesService Forklift Operator Evaluation Industrial Evaluators Copy includingEmployers Written WArning: It is very dangerous t e water or a Class A Extinguisher on a Class B or Class C fir . . Take the time now to learnBrakesParking Trucks Clean All traffic regulations shall be observed,im is NOTe appr or each category.o satisfy OSHA rap your arequirms aremenound the personts. (Seewhich emeans and methods the employer has adopted in order t tim and wr itle 29, Csode of xtinguishers ar waist above the navel. Make a fist, with thumb side against the Federal Regulations, 1910.1030.) Stand behind the vicExposure Plan talking, coughingstomach (above the waist and well below the breastbone),H condition,trucksfree of shall lint,beexcess kept oil, inaand cleanA safe distance authorized shallplantbe maintained speed limits. What to Wear or breathing: d glogenic glo 3 If you do not suspecte extyensiv, untileIndividual Posters:Horn eter Tail grease.for cleaningustible trucks. agents (Includes should approximately three truck truck lengths shall from be and grasp your fist with your other handHow to Use Your Extinguisher (P.A.S.S.) H Please Print be used Noncomb the truck ahead, control and at the all times.Gloves where blood, blood pr, glove liners or other altoducts or body fluids will be handlednjury: Hour M solvents with flashpoints above 100 F.) keptHypoaller a back or neck i Hydraulic ControlsThe tt arypes of personal pr 3 Pull your fi standar eves emplovesyers usually provide. n Inm n i m a o ernatives for employees who are allergic to the. ud c u ap andmaintenance issues early LightsHOperators Name S USN/A S = Satisfactory 9. Beware / / SLast Training Date________________ If the under load being carried obstructs co stLightsWead and arningMasks, eye protectors, and other facUse quick upe shieldsw faror prd and inocedurwares thad thrustst could in. Repeaatvomes unctolvet as necr te moro theessar onsciousmucous .toward the ntactanes of the fac Overhead Guard _____________________________________________________________ Evaluation Date________________ / / forwardvieto traw, vtheelwithdriver the shall load be trailing. membrwith blood or be (eyodyes flu, mouth, etids, ithe obstrucInf this should happen,cludicn.).g thtion is cleare risk of po cteed or the vicall 911 immediantial splash tim becor sptlelyvic.es with a one-way valveSteering requiredvictims stom et masks, resuscitation of a pation bagstien, mouthpiect to minimizese exposur, or other ve. Keep these devicentilation de es within easy reachTes Work Location_______________________________________________________________ Evaluators Name_______________________________________________ The driver shall be required to look in Pock ach:tha e appree of eopriaxposurte for a givote yecou antiven task depend: used during resuscita tion is likely. tacvyiper the ftlhae icnh gi no anned haend o T E Inspecting the Forklift (Pre-Operation) COMMENTS of Ramps USN/A COMMENTS thepath of of, tra andvel. keep a clear view (see red bullets) e equipment the victi wherever the need for resuscita P a: y lio b.e ta htee vicortimear oms arn his oe rr hequirer baed fck, or times when blood or protecting the head andles. WR0236Choking Poster OirtherFollowed operator daily checklist US = Unsatisfactory N/A = Not Applicable 8. Avoidof the directionon the degr 4 If 1.G ws r potential 4 ediately beginntlyn t tihlte t hveic htiemadsfboareckh ead Includes informative forklift training video O Engine Oelil Level Inspecting the Load When ascending or descending gradesPedestrians 6. Never otohwns and long-slee us materiaClstsa rae tharfeu alt c Oticipate m y infectvioed garmen adirw any beyr pg Gas, LPG, or Diesel Forklifts Only in excess of 10 percent, loaded trucks anecdk t. hOep oeth ethr ehandbecomester immediately after c chest compressions: Fuel Lev shall be driven the with load the and load load upgrade. ntyh o otphern p. Carhtheoicnfkya ofnoudr obtbaoksdetyr iu twc otitiuhot ns. oProperly operated ramps and inclinesds and uneven surfaces unconsciou Wash hands thoroughly afotnetra rcetm wo(ihnvthei nt ahbgedlo g atoliioldrtvw -oceashry nI flddi yfi wltoy). u afKls suheeide ehpsa a. tnnhd oes bmosr toarcduaiacptt,ei oblnye ,na rtedtae ocmr cputt c choenstt acmominparteesds inoenesd. F On aging2.ingIef sy owuh denoenvte rs peo asnibylteh. iDngo,nimomt ree se ofOil Leaks Checked weight distribution and stability of load eng all grades means shall be tilted backLeave Truck Checked for slip/trip/fall hazar5 Ways 3.a Use disposable needles and syrtsr ucmloesen tasslpikoes sniebeled tleos t ahned a sryeari nwgheesr ien t shpeeyc aiarlel yu dseedsi. gHnaantdedle r iagnidd ,d riesdp,ony a a I i ff r ei p t b l s nyy n a e o er t u ntnree a p p a n f n h o a v e t 00 d it u e e t 0 i s r a t or a o n i l p n n at e c ec ee 22 d d vi 0 ni e s t n e rl c p t b e p o r )C a u e s p l a s k o p RR l p t c e r t r sl e i e d t ss t t h se, o ss er i r t o o tar a t n a ls s f e . r la a l g hd e l i n o o u nl n t rr o ot e a p n moh o u wu tslia ai n l i n n n tt ee r i ddu a a l l a ct t a so n thd o s ah n ed n o dsigy ,E co D l e u e g l r r o o n r i n s rii d t p s, o vv o i ee h t s a ss sa h a t t nt . to provide rescue breaths, skip steps 5 ando v6e a onrd E cMoSnSn r rss o se a o o i s, tp r t y tie nu rseopeer n t nn hekien ogv cehr e ecsatr eceo omf tpthreee s svsiicotnims.Oil Pressur Weater Level SS uctions if befor tained 3-point contact when mounting/dismounting d any truck, whether personnel loaded shall7. Repairs &UnattendedMaine to dismountingto Protect4.lelaakcep rcooonft caomnitnaainteedrs,slhocaarpte idn sa m mentee i d tehn e n m y care tro preventz ossiwbe injury. ou n iA t b k e niw t lity ndd iss ready for u h se e , thevictim begins to m weep eflotram WR0245CPR Poster Radiator Picking up a load as applicable, om the area near the load ed spe Trucks shall not be driven up to anyoneMaintenance A powered industrial is 25 truck ft.orisunattendedmore away necessary to and clear raised theonlyroadassurf farace. Load Handling/Stacking/Unstackingthese instruments and containersL wocitaht e texthre maordidindale orn ta le , rhee heora e h z ee ncoomm f o fo ra rk mr a reg a , l r wmha r dlb thr w pe Cleared personnel from the area of the load Clear e there was sufficient clearance for the loadstanding when the operatorRecmoomvees p ceornsotanmal inparotetedc. tIifv teh ee qgu ra nd clotihipg f tbehfloe bee tr leeaavstibnog pnyl oe boury dtab with aey l agianre mentFork positioning Made sured personnel frP ull eevde ro er acto, ndtrainmki,n sam ted items in th an dd l wa te oo A s a tr1 ou . P CP ano re uuarp e e hd jyo S er queeze S Electric Forklifts Only Raised ed forthe loaklift to location fixed object. in front Nopersonof a bench shall or be other allowedIfat anytotime beain po needwered ofindustrialrepair, defecti truckve,or whenever the operator leaves the EMERGENCY INFORMATION: usli verehse h sn t ted tesc r s no y in vecrh ar s m e eplafinr ees er rg e d lo eeclinpe a bablmov ie ynion. Av e el e x abil n e g ge is shing agent.to side, aiming theBatter Proper penetration into palletefully and smoothly Moved forward slowlyoperly on the rack portion is vehicle and it is not in his/her view.Yourself 5 Begin che5s.t be the pin.This: o o t e a ig (o1 a r n p t2 e o he e t ect hh me fo nu edst m t . S hs ae iga , pm ty h c n y . mpres m vtic e iainsy reuar hs wa ). ah a vec r ab le a in o etrelease theextinguisher from sideWR0233Bloodborne Pathogens Poster W0862BundleEnglish Battery Connector klift before raising/loel height beforwering tinese moving Center d to the placement level at a control to stand or pass under the elevatedIf found from the vehicle which remains in view, moeevel o it f timhme sedeciaotenld hy oar and os son tono ap os pf toshse fiibler.s Pt lace N eann ohos e in l B Lifted the load carunlocks the le ke, apply cosUmseintg ticsh, he haneedlels o cof bntoth hands, firmly push ss, tfraeigezhet drs,o shwn ve se.tsnd u B ischarge Instrndicatoruments Positioned the load pr e backing out or empty of.Unauthorized or When left unattended, load engaging Lifted the load cark m Other Gy Dauges and Icompreand rneleases theon the v b ico e lye u ofoslebut no mor ie than 2.4 inches on the chest.e rnm xtinguishersnozzle (or hose) at theO Tilted the mast back to stabilizom obstre the loade the load Looked o klift before raising/lowe raising/loering tineswering not be permitted trucks. to ride on poweredbeintak anenyoutway of unsafe, service the until truck it has shall beenmeans shall be fully lowered, controls ssio or countertops where blood o compres io s c re t h el m s yy b ir irewee rn p he c Troediivid cbpareoldst t eun S rn t ur h nie nd reoindira uaetcbnahtiolli ityroi tina y in ttoviiv oouenlv sinseedtohf oninisrmpa crnraotyeid oastn.uinpce tcifg.H ,Y poiorwcuo ed fvaacrueecintsr ,uritog rgiseos drenditroovtis c atcreo s.isnbus uuTbtinhsltt eitganuint ahtetfito sf rooprmrnr olaeedtyig uoaancnl t d/o iisrsbase of the fire untilO Checked for clearance fr Stopped forver both shoulders befor industrial be shall be neutralized, power shall be shut s kelihood of exposure. Food aanpdp rdorixnr othReelre paose ptenrteiaslsluy rie cnfeocmtiim tsims st at al t ta e er partueossrhenehste, k. eeo rpineg ytu o o i Checked by (Initials)Looked behind (over both shoulders) restored to safe operating condition. 911OR extinguisher. 5 Pt B acka om o as af 3 n fe cw t compel le wfoirh a h mbutton toionsthe flam.esa tacphp tehaerftioreComments Backed up slowly Cleared forks of pallet/rack befor P W1732 All repairs shall be made only byoff, and brakes set.CPR VOLUNTEERS: After 30 compressions oid lealet . A amddnaoeegredess ts tna aonro dintpis inrporggvo t iovdhuiead tte ao ca fncle uraytgh epalu te Ambulance:___________________________________________________ Name:ono rtmhea lcb t le et ve Ftopped for Truck/Trailer Loading/Unloadingauthorized personnel.________________________ open the airway anded to do so. Any other photocopying or reproducing in any form, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.Forks lowered to safe travhest between compresions. Count the number of Phone:_______________________________ Urn mlesedis scpaelcif priocfaelsys iaolnloawl ceodn ince rthnine ing ysotruruc ptiaonrts,ic uClaomr spiltyRuatigiohntapnrdo daunycts sp mecifay icb eq upheostitoocnosp oier dc oonncleyr wnsh yeonu t hmea uys hera vise .legaland p sions by saying one and two and threePush hard Local Emergency Phone #: _______________________________________ Name: ________________________Phone: begin rescue breathing: push instead ofTraveling with a load Chocked wheels/jack stand in placeush fast (rate of 100 to 120 compresions a minute_______________________________209 EDICPR Kit Location:_______________________________________________ a Name: ________________________ tl unl t r b g e o hone: t t he _______________________________ or u n e l a n n n dt R e ti s o v h on o n ictt i n h R h u S o : h i a lare n sc eev e P en if y i l a il t a lever. s,, v e e ex er care of the victim. p n moh o tslia cb a r e l o da e. dsig bree oau. Itf it ree p-irgoncietsess.,o rss o e a e o t e s ty t tp yWR0239Fire Extinguisher PosterW0873BundleBilingual 2016 ComplyRight, Inc. Did not raise or lower the load while travelingAcc S Set brakes alarm sounded to indicate reverse movementHydraulic ControlsOil Leaks ure For More Information, Please Contact: aprovide rescue breaths, skip steps 6 and 7 and continue performing chest compres W Looked in the dirIft y ao ura atere o nf o1t0 t0r atoin 1e2d0 i nc oCmPpR roers asiroen us nac mom infuoretab w ei w e the fire department inspects the fire sit o move or EMS personnel tak ov tinguished the fir a Kept legs and arms inside rection of travunning linesel Daily Inspection ChecklistAfter the Fire: Aays be sur rb ivielist yanod is ready for use, the victim begins t t t ou think you #W0320 pea t compresions. Sounded horn at intersections and pedestrians Hut dockboarFuel Levell aitnh A yEoDu ar www.complyright.com way by placing one hand on the victims forehead and chest rise, because it is important to c re inu ch h Yielded to pedestrians Check for orn/backup d/bridgeplates in placeIt is imperative that a safety check be performed before each shift to ensure safe operation. EmERGENcy INFoRmaTIoN: Do Open the r hd u CP ic w r t Votimes se s ms c t a n ad g bre tn y tthat makes theTroediivid pdductvtic e insythda edneunnt e rnm ri tina Maintained a safe speedBat Work PlatformsEngine Overhead GuardOil Pres aira ms n metdnd cover the mouth with your le wfoirh aamddnaoeegredess ts tna aonro dintpis inrporggvo t iovdhuiead tte ao ca fncle uraytgh epalu teond reoindira uaetcbnahtiolli i oy inttoviiv oouenlv sinseedtohf oninisrmpa crnraotyeid oastn.uinpce tcifg.H ,Y poiorwcuo ed fvaacrueecintsr ,uritog rgiseos drenditroovtis c atcreo s.isnbus uuTbtinhsltt eitganuint ahtetfito sf rooprmrnr olaeedtyig uoaancnl t d/o iisrsUecured the platformoved platforms for elevating personnelthnot rymo tha o give uethany defects in the items below before duty:heenadtly p baicnkc (h thehae vd tilt-chine v lift ). Maintainnig theh oe vpenic atimirws ay sed only appr6 After 30 compressions victim two fe, s Name:esl r cu lU e b TEE a sthhso. Eu f tw wwhwi o.n lif Phone:_______________________________ tlyrigati.nmUrn mlesedis scpaelcif priocfaelsys iaolnloawl ceodn ince rthnine ing ysotruruc ptiaonrts,ic uClaomr spiltyRuatigiohntapnrdo daunycts sp mecifay icb eq upheostitoocnosp oier dc oonncleyr wnsh yeonu t hmea uys hera vise .legal #W0321 Laminated. Poster size: 18 x 24. WR0048Forklift Safety Poster floor load limits, and oB F elera l torOil LevelRagdhdt sa n dTailSteeursiunaglName209 EDI911OR 6 Aft c r de ________________________ mp hone: co befo ldcompeled to do so. Any other photocopying or reproducing in any form, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.Observed all traffic rules, warning signs, verhead clearancesBrak Did not allow passengers on platform while traveling Hiea iator Level Nonises TelephoneAmbulance:___________________________________________________ in o low r ecegudlar ( red ot a d dc h rsec uthe b _______________________________ Followwed no passengers ery ConnectorG L Ucreating an airtight seal, or use a mouth guard as shown. Give theFueling and Battery Rechargingopen the airway andMea kde selivu ered u t Name: ivery o cauesPhone:_______________________________ Allo ed other vehicles at a safe distance Turned engine off Hoaurngesbegin rescue breathing: reasctuch te bhre veatihc. 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Inf its yt doou fes nrom got cleetatrinly rg disagh BrakesServiceCPR Kit Location:_______________________________________________ ke a r ________________________ zzy o Wore appropriate PPEowed proper fuelingoperly and batfirst rescue breath, perform the head tilt i a i U T asr orh mis pepedirocdalulu cacadtd vivisi dcdee asignnd n owo ss dmaaddo etetosopnpnorootv pidrdoev aidcdceura legtatael oaoanrd d m aeudithcoaolrlri i ototaptiniveieio innsfo o ornm aantiyioee e io ran sga tta g a a ens n l s catrhh tte es C e oo a n o r i s t e c pp lasyt bb t i u spe e Hcifowic e efvacectsr, i itot irir s s s enerorovt i acace ess.u Tbshteit u uintefo for n. b pin hit i o g nursn s roro g th t nn nn he ine in sg g s ue m laletgioalnlnisr rs a mm iisa rlrtap y t ee gh o g W0722Forklift Safety VideoEnglish Traveled with forface ks at a proper distance aboveT Important note: This is ap i Overall Evaluation ativi cttc i fonr.aHonyw w deavmerar,g g ietets s i sa rniosit n ag s souoububtsts toift uththee f uouosrs e l eogra il naadbviililciciteya tnonod u dsdseoeo tetshs niniso opt r rpordouvcidt. e Y loeug a al r roe p puirnrgieoendns st oo nco annsyu lsltpt eanci ifafaitcto fararcnctetesy o cro snsnecrevrincncieiesnsg.Tyhoueue rirn n pfaoaorrrrtmtmicautilaoaonrn s iiststu u parotoivovninid eaendn dw ainthy t shpee ucinfdice qrqrsusutaesntdidioinngsothrh acto nanncyeyer r pnesr sysooonunomomr a aeyn hthiatyv e o .2016 ComplyRight, Inc. 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Any other photocopying or reproducing in any form, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. ied onlly _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________roved for use by the purchaser only. This form may not be shared publicly or with third parties._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________rescue breaths: breaths, remembering to release all presure between p cos,n tthine uveic tthimis W0806Forklift Safety VideoBilingual 2016 ComplyRight, Inc. 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Evaluation Form: 25/pkg. 2-part OR Name:_______________________ isnr rn do /orducia ttofhiv rsitchadeeneyusa ningdndda demerdosa egttosae ns pn droarionti vspgii insntirnugct yioonusr,CpaormtipculylaRrig sihttu partioodnu actns dm anayy b spe ephciofico cquopesietido nons lyor w chonenc terhnes u ysoeruism laeg ahlaly t911conmlepsesl lsepdec tiof idcoal so a. Alonwy edot ihne rt hphe otocopying or reproducing in any form, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Ambulance: genc__________________________________________________ Name:_______________________ Phone:________________________________Local Emerit Location: y Phone #: ______________________________________ Name:_______________________ hone:________________________________ W0324 carbonless. 11" x 8". Laminated. Poster size: 18" x 24".CPR K ______________________________________________Phone: 2015 EDIwww.complyright.comEMPLOYEE & APPLICANT NOTICE Understanding GHS Hazard Communication LabelingOur Company Is aDRUGFREE Label con guration may vary from this example. OSHA has updated the requirements for stemlabeling(GHS).ofAhazars of Jdous une 1,c hemicals 2015, all labelsto align with the Globally Harmonizograms,ed S a ysignal supplier woridentid, hazar cation.d andA prsample ecautionarrevised y will be requir the ed prto oduct have pictidentied label er,elements,and statements,label, includingcanthealsorequirbe provided on the label as needed. is shown at left. Supplemental information WORKPLACE I Product Identifier Labels must contain the following required elements:Hazard PictogramsLists the name or number used for the hazardous chemical.Conveys health, physicoa l a ahnad zaerndv icrloansms eanntda l chaatezgaord ry. ttinformation assigned tOur Company is committed to maintaining a productive, drug-free workplace thathepr cohemvideis caa l.unique means by which a reader can identifyIncludes a symbol plus otther ern,g orra pchoilc d ro upnicdt opgartatmansd dareds ifgonr aatpedpl iucnadtieorn O toSHAs ore. lemTherenet s, ares uecigh hat s keeps employees and customers safe from harm. For this reason, we may requireSupplier Identification a bordaerto,r yb aOcSkgHnAication SL mahza rdr dCo cmatmeguory.Hanazaaapplicants and employees to take screening tests for alcohol and ilegal drug usechisetms itche al nmaamnue, faacdtdurreers,simapnd ortteeler, pohr oone thenr urmesbper onosf ibthe le party. Signal Wordsbefore hiring and during employment.We expect al employees to comply with this drug-free workplace policy, to bePrecautionary Statements Indicaaletersts t hthee r erealatdiverelteov ealpoof tseenvtiearli thya ozfa trhde o hna tzheard l abel. responsible for their actions, and to recognize and report any workplace dangers. anda nger is used for the more severeree . hTahezasre ds, are wthhe ile DDesicmriibzee so rr epcroemvemnte naddveedr smee eafsfuercetssrthesaut lstihnogu flrdo bme e txapkoesnu troe owsee on a label. nlayr ntwinogsiigs nuasl ewd ofrodr s taherealesds ers wevilmtoi na hazardous chemical or improper storage or handling.Dangers of Drug and Alcohol AbuseDerul-bs eainngdoaflc eomhopll ocyaene hs,a cvoew seorrikoeurssan edv ecnu sftaotmal er se fcfaenct sb.e T ehned ahnegaletrhe dan bdy : g Hazard Statements Supplemental Informationwm L hrases assigned to a hazard classLists any other informaton providicead l boy r dthe ireclatbioenler s fosur cuh se.anisdtscsatteangodrayrdthOaSt HdA espcribe the nature of the hazard. as the physical state of ithe chemDeepdg endlr eealcoore nadcin dictionaccidenirtsm reenstulting from Mic ncee rhgol- ie dsu ocre d impadru- aoC oInhcrroeansiec dp hriysksi coaflepxrpoobsleumrestore HsuIltVi,n hge fproatmiti sd raungd o ort haelcr dhiosel aasbeusse Health Flame Exclamation HCS PictogramsHazard MarkSafety-Sensitive Industries and HazardsCarcinogen PyrophorlesicsIrritant (skin and eye) FlammabSkin SensitizerUnder the Omnibus Transportation iEesm p ilnocyleued Tinesgt ainvgia Atioctn o, mf 1o9t9o1r , car i o iers,Hazard Communication Mutagenicitye ToxicitySelf-HeatingNar ReproductivAcutcotic e ToxicityEffectsenmteprlsotyateers truusct ktienstg ,a gl evmerpnlomyeeenstvfoerh d Standard PictogramsRespiratory SensitizerEmits Flammable GasRespirdous atory to Tract Ozone IrritantLayer transitmin safety-sensitive industricrluegs,abnudsatrlaconhspool ruts, er.a Tilhroisa dca ann idn mcluadse :Self-RHazar R ing or immediately after TAarspirget ation Organ ToxicityToxicityOrganic eactivPeresoxides (Non-Mandatory)T lconhcoelotefs tssa fbeetyfo-sreen, dsiutirvBeT w) owrikth devices approveda z(HC Gas Corrosion Exploding thaen pdeormfo ramay oth ee vNidaetniotniaal lb HreiagthhwinaaysTa rparfoich iSbaifteedty a Alcdomhoinl icsotrnacteionntr taoti odneterminereqursir 1, 2015, the ra ls to aEye Damagebw g tests (E As of Juunneicctaotgiorna mStsa nond al Hdbe ardS) wleilrlt Cylinder Bombwhether an employee h Commeo fp tihe chemical hazards to which Sot acteo nladwusc ta naldco chooml panandy d pruolgi ctye smtinayg .r equire employers in other industriest usey may be exposed. Gases Under PressureCor t rosive Explosiv esZERO TOLERANCE theo MetalsSelf-ReactivesEach pictogram consists of a symbol on Skin Corrosion/BurnsOrganic PeroxidesIfl eyoause s ruesppoercttiattcoo wyoourrk emr aonf adgreurg o orr s aalfceothy oslu apbeursveis,or. ap ackground framedis twinitchti nh aaz raerdd (s).Flame Over Environment Skull and b owrdhietreabngdr arepm roens ethents l aab del is determinedCircle (Non-Mandatory) CrossbonesTheby the pic ctheo mical hazard classi\x1f cation. tuhlit e aundsranOxidizersAquatic Toxicity Acute Toxicity W0248 rep ruorvThis nis aprorvedyedc fgonch ue (Fatal or Toxic)2017 ComplyRight, Inc. www.complyright.com as hp Im T i is p orgtridaeodnedt dtu cno wto c iiottesnh: des s gned pttroo tpnov ide acasrcentu ari bannygty et hpyaoeenru dspr o uaprcnua torhhtriao ecsrueinrttla aiorttiv sileiytn u. ivnTaofthliovioresmnd f o aaintrnmid oc n mar.en Hoayatyi sn nwpgoee,t cvi prfebiroec, dsiqhut uicaseir snengdtioooptn a sdsbluoiiscbr tsclyrtoi ibotnuurcte tewir nifnotghsrt yh ltoheiusgir a pdmlroapaydda vhuric ae t inort y n u r taev ct ie eis asn ndo dt olieasb nle ofot pr aonvyid dea mlegaagle sop arinisoinngsonuta onfy t hsepe ucsifei ocr f aicntasb oilri tsye trvoi cuesse . tThihse p inrofodrumct.at Yioonu r io 2013 EDI W0720 imI T nhviposo lpvretrado dnitnunccot retisea: dt iTenhsiggis, np iesrd oad ptupoc rpoirnvoge vodir dfeo d rias cutscruiebr buayttie t anhgnedtphu ircas pthhrooasrdeiurt caott invisle y.n u inotfh olirisam bfolaretm ifoo nmr .a Hoanyy wn doeatvm ebare,gsihets ai sra neridos itpn aug sbT oibuucltsy toi otfu rt htwee if otuhrselthe ogriar idl na padabvirltiiciteeysto.and u dseo tesh inso pt roprdouvcitd.e Y leoug aal roe puirngieodns t oo nco annsyu slpt eacni afitct ofranctsy o cro secrevrincei l enng s.Tyhoue ri npfoarmrticautiloar s iistu partoiovnid eandd w ainthytshpee ucinfdice rqustaesntdioinnsgothr acto anncye rpnes rsyoounomra eyn htn ityvea. Drug-Free Poster Slips, Trips & Falls Bloodborne Pathogens GHS HazardLock/Tagout Understanding GHS HazardousCommunicate a commitment to a drug-freeComply with OSHAs walking/ Educate your employees aboutCommunication Train and certify personnelMaterials Labeling Posterworkplace with a positive message. working surface standards. Ensuredisease transmission, accidentTrain employees to understand ain using lockout and tagoutHazCom labeling is easier to understand with this OSHA- Explains possible substance screeningthat employees are aware ofprevention, safe-housekeepingSafety Data Sheet, read chemical labelsdevices to prevent accidents, incompliant poster, which shows the symbols and language requirement and the physical and legalpotential workplace hazards. procedures and exposure control. and identify workplace hazards inaccordance with OSHA standards.of the required GHS Labeling system. Protect employees dangers of drug abuseDemonstrate safe techniques Ideal for training employeescompliance with the GHS standards.Meets OSHA standards forfrom workplace danger and avoid safety violations. Helps deter substance abusersfor common work activities in healthcare facilities, hotels, Includes PowerPoint\x1f presentation required training at o\x1eces, Explains labels in bold, quick-reference formatfrom applying at workplacePrevent lost-time injuries, lowermanufacturing and janitorial workCustomize to industry guidelinesrestaurants, warehouses andComplies with required OSHA HazCom workers compensation costs Helps employers comply withor company policies manufacturing plantsItem No. WR0248standards on labelingand increase productivity OSHAs Bloodborne PathogensItem No. W0080 Reduces the risk of OSHA-related Laminated. Size: 18" x 24".Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 \x1f W0720EnglishW0721SpanishItem No. W0712nes for noncomplianceItem No. W0719 Item No. W0716 Laminated. Size: 18" x 24". 20 Workplace Safety & Training Workplace Sa fety & Training 21'