b'Workplace Harassment TrainingWorkplace Harassment TrainingAnti-Harassment Respect Works Here Respect Works Here Respect Works Here Poster BundleThis is no place for verbal harassment This is no place for physical harassment This is no place for visual harassmentEach of us plays a part in creating a respectful work environment.Each of us plays a part in creating a respectful work environment.Each of us plays a part in creating a respectful and positive work Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes all formsHarassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes all forms ofenvironment. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includesThis attention-grabbing poster bundle of verbal harassment, such as offensive or inappropriate jokes,physical harassment, such as unwelcome hugging, touching,items in your work area, such as offensive photos, posters, cartoons, threats, insults, name-calling, comments or racial slurs. patting, gesturing or any other inappropriate behavior.drawings or anything else with controversial or politicaly orientedBestseller Bestsellerwords or graphics. creates awareness and educates employees about the di\x1d erent behaviors that can be considered harassment (written, verbal, visual and physical). Reinforcing anti-harassment policy is recommended by the Respect Works Here Respect Works Here U.S. Supreme Court and can support and employers defense in the case of a lawsuit.What you say matters. What you do matters. What you display matters.A0592017 ComplyRight, Inc. This is no place for haras sment This is no place for written harassmentplKeep harassment out of the workplace. Keep harassment out of the workplace. Keep harassment out of the workplace.kA073 2017 ComplyRight, Inc. Each of us plays a part in creating a respect20f17ul and positiveContains one general anti-harassment A060 ComyRight, Inc.Each of us plays a part in creating a positive, harassment-freework environment. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. work environment. Harassment includes any inappropriateThis includes all forms of written and virtual harassment, conduct based on: Race Color Religionsuch as offensive or inappropriate emails, text messages,poster and four topic-speci\x1f c posters Sexinstant messages, notes or social media posts. National Origin Citizenship Age Disability Other characteristics protected by state or local law Covers various ways harassment can This means you are responsible for everything you do, say, write, post and display. If its threatening, offensive, disrespectful or politically oriented, it may be considered harassment. occur: posting on social media or And remember: Although your behavior may be acceptable to some, others who witness or become aware of the behaviorwriting emails, through verbal may be offendedand file a complaint.Your inappropriate words or actions could lead to a formal investigation, disciplinary actionand even termination. conversation or physical contactItem No. A0084 What you write matters. Price per bundle, Includes one of each posterFrom Sex to Religion:From Sex to Religion Harassment doesnt work here. Keep harassment out of the workplace.A0612017 ComplyRight, Inc. A0722017 ComplyRight, Inc. shown. Laminated. Size: 15" x 22".Taking Control of Harassment Harassment Prevention ProgramHelp employees understand what legally acceptableThis powerful tool is an ideal way to help managers and workplace behavior is with this comprehensive trainingemployees support the companys no-harassment policy. solution that includes modules on harassment and diversity.Using realistic scenarios, it shows how to identify and Trainees will learn to avoid illegal behavior after viewing theavoid various forms of harassment as de\x1f ned by law. clear depictions of common workplace harassment. Addresses all categories of harassment:Use as individual training modules or assex, race, religion, age, etc.a complete programProtects your employees and employer Explains characteristics protected under federal law:from illegal behaviorage, gender, religion, race and disabilityIncludes trainers guide with legally sound businessManager or Employee Training tools and best practicesProgram Includes: DVD: From Sex to Religion {. and Everything in Between.} Training Program Includes:A 23-minute training videoDiversity in thePerformance 12 Mistakes ManagersDVD featuring four full-length training modules: CD-ROM with reproducible materials: WorkplaceManagement Commonly MakeGeneral Harassment PreventionSexual HarassmentEmployee handoutTraining log Management Obligations Diversity Training acknowledgmentTraining certi\x1f cateAvoid stereotypes and prevent illegal,Get the best from employer by monitoringTeach managers ways to deal withCD-ROM that lets you train your wayTraining quiz & answer keydiscriminatory behavior.and documenting their performance. common workplace issues. ProvideTrainers Guide with reproducible materialssolutions to improve e\x1d ectiveness andD0850Employee VersionHelps employees see past stereotypes Details how to prepare for and conductD0837Manager Version and appreciate individual talents legally sound performance appraisals ensure full compliance with the law. Item No. D3000D0527Employee and Manager Version Viewing time: one hour (approx. 15 minutes per module).Shows ways to avoid discrimination Includes advice on setting objectives Explains ways labor lawsIntranet license available; call for details. Viewing time: 23 minutes. System requirements for CD-ROM: based on gender, race, religion,and conducting appraisals a\x1d ect management MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobatsoftware. age and other factorsItem No. D0841Illustrates how a managers words Item No. D0839Viewing time: 30 minutes and actions can violate the lawViewing time: 25 minutes Item No. D0842Viewing time: 46 minutes22 Harassment Training Harassment Training 23'