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An annual service T to: 1 o s o br s n 20220y02ees, 0 w,m,mit in ih niaiaamdd umitminiio wn matguogoue e mt ipsin i 1 l 3 F at aca r im a i tthsnno p w ao e aeg a s. o n r ea rh Minimum Wageeaaw in p < r T P to e ialts n n ng to p 20220y02ees,0a o y m 3 X 2.ur, eint ihFlorida crluag edede s.h l1 e hhe eag e dmbpyl otyhee eSr Florida Department of P mnu a m P ******fata sp M M O W O M M M L W W t p r l l ee c m FF e & FF nThis cha . he s e S o t en w The State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) oo yy ; y e ss l Go t I w .W ork W 1 b pp im o Oneli w ic ativa t i d F m u Fp d Ap F 9 p u F ma doy m L . U p n p o I * * * nn t A w c .m. 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To ida s.i.oPT , w s rO la7 a.my. s, when obf o a p. mt .orro h o k.r .S.On-r or PLLO F alorida &F u Ap FL 9 p ma F p pysp * * A ly) C H O W O W ro eoa W h xn rayeo rwrfo pw s N P L u lipc s nag y folloFr m k ximwums. oL bSeerce Af c ta e g oionr d-toa N gm nsi, tim fo woa u M f 3a y howuorrsyksoB I ed,5. 2 1 3 1. 4. - vteeg d C rdm n S oropnrt Y Y Y dne de u sors rrunral law e o yye s,uuen : s c , U r GG apreonvtisss O ! .m. ents 0 FLORIDA LAto i a la: E TT o I g Sb ell p to eid ew T n l.o ro fte ida otpith s, o r h eee e 7 T esh IN loU, htici S. e loy ww sN p o c to ln P p ay w riloro k.et dadne y a tg - r: ct.mt.m A W 0 TION 0n ss t B tkly ee ., R. V ALUGARES DE00 RR7T 7 T- /13-8 1 899 3 TAC N TA I LA LEY D GA R 0 0 T PROHIBE PRESENTSAR UNA Q)UEJA0 PROHIBE N RPRESENTSAR UNA QUEJA0 is available for continuous legal monitoring and automatic poster replacements.BusinessChild Labor Laws FLRevision Date: 11/19SCHOOL Protecting the Health, Education and Welfare of Minors in the WorkplaceThe federY NOal laT wWORK in Aitcatl (icFsL.SA)Professional The strirt summarizes the child labor laws of the State ofPROHIBITS E LA FLORIDAATTENDANCE Hour Restric er provisions must be observed and are denoted by bold letterinMinors 14 & 15Under 14 Florida and the Federayel ars old MAFair Labor Standards g. BASED ON BASADA EN:State Labor Law PostingsRegulation limitations. ctMinors 16 & 17 FLSA: Noalorida & FLSA: May not work during school hours (some exceptionsDISCRIMINA DISCRIMINACINPERMITSFlorida: May NOtions listed beloT work during school w.RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALhours unless they meet a criterion of the HOURS OFTOWORK, 19 years old at.mre. qour iraede, except the FLSA requires the employer to maintain date of bi th information for all employees under DIRSAACBEIL, ICTOYL, AOGRE,, R EPREIGGIONANN, SCEYX O, NRA MTL IORNIALTA LO SRTIAGTINU, S.INCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTADO CIVIL.,WORK Florida: Ma tions.r than y when a school da May follo tu m Sun edy cle loaow8 eheoku.r otn by Fesr do not follo ay ,,untilWHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LAW: LO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:IS IN SESSIONFlorida &l does not folp.m. eek.Flter 7 p y workw usp. Mtoa 1y 5 whoorukr su pperforye, SaturdNot beforFe L.y 6S:Aw3:o 0Nrk up to 30 hours per wWHEN SCHOOLand for no more than 8 hours a da ow, there areaforida: .m. and for no more than 3 hours a da N 8.ohooru arsft neor 7 cho.o Nl ote: w RETA PLIUIABTLIOIOI CEN AM ACPFLCTOOEMYRMM FEOIOIOLNDITANANTGI AOAON CSLAIMLUGARES DEEMPLEOACOMODO PBLICOe,mhe plo ofisat$lea8.5s6tper $5.5ho4 per ef houriv for JatnippedBREAKS WEEK school is scheduled the following day.Sunday, and on nonschool days, when school dastrp.m. orl sed a 7a lalyos.w,my on school dansWork STATIf you feel that you have been discriminated against, Fair EmploymentLE ACCIN VENG TAAR UNAdays when schMinNiomtuicme tWtWo aEgme pinlo Fyeleoersi daWHEN SCHOOLFLSA: No limitations.aSpoo s;l: ic wDaoetaililkolnmm oaaxnmrk up to 8 hours per day and up to 40 hours per w DE PRESENDEQUEJArida < Scan for compliance verification. uaryHOURS OF WORK,no hour restric FLSuSuy notwnoon StSililaatuurdrda afre.mr td oe e eararany n n9y dnodn nuspcpch h htooo 4o o4l0l 0l ds this age grou spsch thoo owoleek;o drak ysE EMPLOYvisit our web site or call us YI VDE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERfect wintSe PER r, spring breaks) Florida:. No limitations.Florida:Ma fom. hou ayus, rs, sw hpeeenrnr we Child LaborWHISTLE-BLOWE!R RETALIATION A EN CONTRTAIVE DESPUE(summer vacation;FLSA: No limitations.dlorida:Mad. and 7 p p.m.; from June 1 to Labor DayBANJO V LENASi usted siente que ha sido discriminado,DAY minors st : :b Mea pywyerwo wrIS NOT IN SESSION Note: Hazardous occupations still apply formay work until 9visite nuestra pgina web o llmenos!P AA ec n e e e ivmep ptlhoey emr i imnmiamayu mno wt rer w.F a logffo tartrteeCxeoeonrncsitsiititunungtgtio h ni si n ohhe r rt t hrieg righte AGRICULTURE Florida: No more than 6 consecutiv O y one week.FLSA: No limitations.parent is al ctMinors 16 & 17tho amelelele t tinFLORIDA COMMISSION ONLA COMISIN DE RELACIONES Thricee m Iinndimexu. mr egcwage rate is recalculated yearly on September 30, based on the Consumeri n e\'gs l rida 102.(E Operating motor vehicles Florida: Minors may work no more e dathany 4s in an consecutive hours without a 30 minute uninterrupted break.Child Labor Laws 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 1 DIRSAACBEIL, CITOYL, AORGE,, R EPLEIGGINOANNCY ORR HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDA BASADA EN: ComplyWho Its For: FLSA: No limitations. State Labor Floridatheir parents oral minimum wThis poster represe ioso employed; minors under 12The federY NOal laT wWORK in Aitcatl (icFsL.SA) DISCRIMINATION(850) 488-7082 DISCRIMINACINwith an ** annotating F restrictions as in other ticipating in farm work.Florida Department of This cha ronvtissisProtecting the Health, Education and Welfare of Minors in the Workplaceagtea.l i aRtei g ghagtsa ipnrsott teacnt eedm bpylo otyheeee e Sht toFLSA:No employment permitted during school hours.May work after s orkita, ntiooont osempt from the federguardians f sfargarme p, p,p, rmust cos.m . ply with the s BoBsulele la wsHUMAN RELATIONS FLORIDA LAW 4075 Esplanade Way, SuiteLA LEY DE LA FLORIDARESTRICxception: 12 and 13 year- Florida: Minors par FLSA: Now lchool in occupations not declared hazardous in agricultureThe State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) PROHIBITS Tallahassee, Florida 323991 FLRevision Date: 11/19may be employed with written parental consent on farms where employ iees are ex BusinessThe strirt summarizes the child labor laws of the State ofTallahassee, Florida 32399f Florida has incorporated the 17 Hazardous Occupations (HOs) of the FLSA into the F bie n nCahthiiiiilolodn Labor RuleTED OC.For more inCUPATIONS lorida law fo on H Tolds may be employed with written parental consent or on a farm where the minor Florida: Ma er provisions must be observed and are denoted by bold letterinMinors 14 & 15Under 14 Florida and the Federayel ars old MAFair Labor Standards g. Phone: (850) 488-7082 BASED ON: Correo deRAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALProfessionalOogging or sawmillingLaw PostingsMinors 14 and 15 may not work in these occupations:aa ncomc FLSA: No Regulationoe hu istte hntitimimal l orri her in aserting such rights.Minors under the age of 18 ma s,onlctooanytytt.ete.a a oct the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division. deersa,a ftHour Restric tions.lorida law and Childp.m.a school da Voice Messaging: 1-800-342-8170 TelfoVnoo: z: 1-800-342-8170INCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTADO CIVIL.,Working in or around explosives or radioacy not work in below occupations:tive substancesSCHOOL tinn iig WORK,repairing an establishment, machines, or equipment Florida: May work up to 15 hours per we slcohw .m. horuarhissy forye, Saturd or, ,untilA , SEX, NA MTIAONIALTA LO RSTIAGTINU, S. LO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:m. inimileum acwoamgpel l raeinqntu iarbemouetn atns.e mployer\'l\'slso ayalel Minimum Wage and vegetable slicers; slaughtering, meat packing, processing, or ATTENDANCETO g inn, setting up n, adjusting, orsrsr cleaning power-driven meat orry FLSA: May not work during school hours (some exrth information for all employees underceptions perating power-driven meat processing machines to include meat including all power mowers and cutters A: NT otw roeqrk during school Florida & .FLy NOStions listed belo PERMITSehours unless they meet a criterion of the uired, exwcept the FLSA requires the employer to maintain date of biminimum wage.taatneuy C po enwstitreasrogsntueoeus tviein n oLtLeleaenttgitigoioiosnlna,a, a atptpulalalyryeyea vbmiloloeal yayt otot ib nbtrgrghi enm g gs tiaanaait ti ememc.u ui iv vTmilhewawea c caAaAtgigiototetonorrrrntetenoqeqey uy ue i iGrnGnrefeomnreeecernerat tsls tt hoiersersaARTIALining occupations hourivforming, punchints or hoisting g, andctmcmouinui Mainkrkaiaiata Mrsisen w nwaosnsnprds tingf roeer rzszr,e, geeeueelaengn worrrrkiki limitations y not w l does not folow, there areSunday, and on nonschool da, when school da nCathiioldn now7 a.my. s, wheneek;A If you feel that you have been discriminated against, DE PRESENTTAR UNAAATIVE DESPUEreck veppopopgereeerrcod choppers, and cutters, and bake oku. rNs y on school dar fqqbisosioir u ueotmtr r heaenen tr rse ep. m mo gah leoguendd enr oSneccotimopnl 2i2a4n,c eA rtwtwicle shearing machines; woodwork type mix or proces daS.m. A: Dailyn ays, o8s oa agr n gsh pcer.omhnuo.o 2aw fIIunnlf foomrmta n i amany m o tion and to as egeeddltsncompliance with lawfifiutherenderingpower-driven bakercavyt;t; metal-ingyaio, paper produc p.s.i.o WORKtatibnlerstgtgeuuums rrrmiiliielndcnoegte,t,, mining ro orsmined,r19 years old W ngWarehouse and Storage, y.after 7 p.m. and for no more than 3 hours a da ontybFres do not follo hot owe: l odrka ysWHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LAW:ACIN VE LUGARES DE EMPLEODEQUEJAperaingting, demolition or exHOURS OFFlorida: Ma.y work up to 30 hours per week.machinesIS IN SESSION Not before 6:30 a.m. or later than y when 1WHEN SCHOOLschool is scheduled the following daCooking (some exceptions apply) & ba, or processing occupations where goods are Manufac days when schdm orneys fe a ecoruepepcrcrltoeo eyiyoivfef er edl la e,heplo w,mit w.F a logOperating circular saws, band saws, & guillotine shears manufac WEEK and for no more than 8 hours a da dlorida:Ma k uep d p:o.m.u sp htofo o8rl h esdan7 n7d pu.m.; from June 1 to Labor Day E LA FLORID FLORIDA OYMM- FBEOILLNDOTIAWNTGEI RAONRCSLETAAIMLIATION NG AACCIN ** Operating or assisting to operate traceiri v 2egsg0s, o, planting Loooms unications, and ConTsTrtrtansporruction (etation, xkciept clerical); boiler or enginemLuSy notLA LEY D PROHIBE visit our web site or call us! BAJO LA LEY DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWER)rkming in occupations in no hour restricing in or around to Coading and unloading truckst;ilocw8ateehoursiokly mmoaaf o xbnimo Stahmu stuti rasd1 taey8 a,hou frds;any and noot beAn emXp loofy teteh ew w Shvivioooi nn nhg g et om 1w MinNimotuicmeto aEgme pinlo FyW Manufacturing brick and tile producxic substanceeding 40 ctses, crcoso rorrovrvovestinov uaryPTrTO O Op he he hsotrirircscsiei, or dpeosower,FLORIDA LA upations ntions still ot declaredo not folowy , uwnork up to 8 hours per day and up to 40 hours per w Work STATE REMETPA LLPOIUYABETLIEOICEWN AM HACIPFLCSTTOLEMER TIVA ENVENG COACOMODO PBLICOFLSA: No limitations. daim ** Wooooorrrkkkking with compressed gases ex for JatnippedBREAKS ndlinngii nncgeertaoainor gerous animals e days in anmay work until 9DISCRIMINACINCOMMISSION ONvisite nuestra pgina web o llmenos!empglalao g gayae e scr r ia avavnninidlddgtito 1t55he d galyasnsw ft fsuot ll r r aemensi i onelimvmvmepu alomny y ywe cra algatgoieie m raesef c ctfeofeorvrvren neururo nbtbipipfafaayciikdn gww haagiggigseee ssossr p pmhluauaeysrs eoersi day or any moving machinertions onlyto hazard restrictions stillWorking in public messenger services st: bMeeek.til7 btre oep.t78 wmh aoemun.ro7s p ra afe.mrt de.ar a 9yn d pap to 40 hours per we Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado,ing with electrical apparatus or wiring ** CSeSCeHaoxpxpaceptions) -toaoan-ndoor sales of produc***IS NOT IN SESSIONFLSA: No limitations. HOURS OF WORK, Florida: No limitations. ts as employment (some PROHIBITSplowing machinerfect WHEN SCHOOLNote: Hazardous occupations still apply forir parents or BASADA EN: HUMAN RELATIONS LA COMISIN DE RELACIONES forklifts, eartionsthmoving equipment, and ha DISCRIMINATIONHour Restricper ef(summer vacation; minors. TIAORNIALTAL O RSTIAGTINU, S. o limaritdaiatinons sf.arm, must comply with the same Autnhnhbe ejreerecmc mot p ftoflofloioc cayayi a eaflrflr i i ndfdeoe usosoningfd d $n$ a1lt,ie0aeadb0 l l0ebypfoe e1m niaamdd umitminiio wn matogu emt ipsin EXEMPTIONS ur, - (from hour restric DRSAACBI DAinYtSe PER r, spring breaks) Florida: No more than 6 consecutiv W: 4i ktca,o tninoosnte so.c nu tty one wivee hours without a 30 minute uninterrupted break. EMPLEO 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 1 HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDAofisat$lea8.5s6tper $5.5ho4Age Restric s who(from age requirements; hazard restric RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALComplianc Minortions- Florida: Minors maapply until 18 yrs.)apply)hazardous FLSA: No limitations.y work no m FLoSAre:tNhoaw lnmoiINCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTADO CIVILthe la sp pw Minors who hold waivers from a public school or Child LaborE, COLOR, RE BASED ON tions as in other ticipating in farm work.Minors 14 and 15 may notNG LE so employed; minors under 12PRESENTSAR UNA QU)UEJ Tallahassee, Florida 32399 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 1Minors who are or have been married LITY, AGE, PREG dra lre tghgheieislirara ptptuarreents in ocMinors who have either graduated from an accredited high school, orLIGINOANN, SCEYX O, NRA M by a aciccintanta.s ieneAbab lorida has incorporated the 17 Hazardous Occupations (HOs) of the FLSA into the F A ENVENGlai wn soice Messaging: Telfono(850) 488-7082hold a high school equivalen AGRICULTURE Florida: Minors parPages in theery (10 years old)For details, se Thriece m Inindiemxu. m wage rate is recalculated yearly on September 30, based on the Consumer STATE REMETPA LLPO 102.(EComplianc perr dFelolaiivtee restric hse, cSotantea cot the Uf oFrk in below occupations: type mix LO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY: Phone: (850) 488-7082 1-800-342-8170 Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Section 24, Article X of the State Constitution and Section 448.110, Florida Statutes.atgsa ipnrsot teacntePENAL otreeCxeorncsitsiitnugtio hisinclr uhdee r trhieg hrit gthotneaeaieievde trto aoLabor Rule TED OCenCUPATIONS fo ontainment industry registered withs C, some hciltilionsd Lab.b.chool in occupations not declared hazardous in agriculturerrk in these occupations: abf tohr Busel Correo de Vo:z: 1-800-342-8170An eeivmep tlhoey emr inmiamyu mno wt retea.l i aRteigpTIESertain requirements of Florida laeaew .For more inettheeemption from age and hour restriees are exempt from the federal minimum wter parent is al o ncso )mlorida law and ChildFLSA:No employment permitted during school hours.May work after sinors who are enrolled in high school work programscy diploma.S. Armed ForcesWHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LAIf the minor is attending a K rt may authorize an ex HTolds may be employed with written parental consent or on a farm where the minorACCIN ve and proteRESTRICxception: 12 and 13 year- At timeMinorWsWs wAwIVERSho have eThe F served in the Ulorida Child Labor law is designed to ser may be employed with written parental consent on farms where employ apgere LUGARES DE rec:1.i n File acwoamgep lraeinqtu sairobenom ueatb naotnsu . d t t manp loemyerp\'slo yaele\'s dliim caotoiononsnsnt br baytye eco o thnhntataatat cc ccting the Child Labor Complianc Wvernment;ogether f iioends.a Ermem prprelvoieyeyewreses mdmd auaunsdt k kgeraeapnp ate c latitoyny; metal- schsh.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.This poswo nn Ttanspor LE DE PRESENTAAAR UNATIVE DESPUETFLORIDA LA LEY DE LA FLORIDA All employers, regardless of size are required to display mandatory federal and state with an ** annotating Florida law only.iso.oemployed minors.including all power mowers and cutters NTRAA DEQUEJAya cfcftapoaops asaerertial waivers ofo qualifytances, applicants imum any per second degree misdemeanor lolorida laws contac ured minor is employ wise pa YELIEIOCEWN AMH ACPIFSLCTTOOLEYMERMM -FBEOILNLDOITNAWTGEI OARNRCSLEATIAMLIATION t, whereMaintaining or rep gras iionring an establishment, machines, or equipment-12 public school, a waiver may be obtained and granted by the local school distrill other minors may requestCOACOMODO PBLICOPOSTING REQUIREMENTSFrida: AlIl fe amnp pinlnloj Minors under the age of 18 maLwabwsbs of o. tive subs gramt, where .S.vepopgererkertaaianttigibnnersgg lien setting upms, flriAC oeetrozsr ,evr IANJO O V LELENANAl eors cleaning power-driven meat orryArmnibelm Informs fe enrts p. og eadl lneognecdo mnopnlicaonmcep lwiainthc ela wfiuthluers of minors must post in a conspicuous place on the proper tio, paper produc r Prryro under U Manufac unticuraretid ingo,, mining , adjusting cection (e ATYI V VDE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWER PROHIBE 100% compliant federal, state and local labor law posters, pgs. 3-7perkring in or around explosives or radioac Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado, COMPENSATIONFlorida: Operating motor vehicles Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado,employer may be subject to up to double the compensation other Oogging or sawmilling ehicleseers,a fto cod choppers, and cutters, and bakeating power-driven meat processing machines to include meatFlorida, an Tallahassee, Fl32399-2212t: U.S. DepartmTmTelephone 850.488.3131; ing enTtTtt: Florida Departmed in violation of an ting, demolition or ex TION forming, punchints or hoisting g, andFLORIDA LAHUMANAS DE LAW ngWarehouse and Storage, WORKERSor information on F If you feel that you have been discriminated against, manufac ing (some ex LA COMISIN DE RELACIONES Op and y provision of the Child Labor laand vegetable slicers; slaughtering, meat packing, processing, or For information on federal laws contac ent owf BsB.yable under power-driven bakercav tment of LabotroPROHIBITS 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 2601 Blair Stone Road FLORIDA renderingFlrlroridaionaralkl ersReg Cu Cuompensation la Comrmkming in occupations in, or processing occupations where goods are it may be easily read, this poster notifying minors of the Child Labor la visit our web site or call us!r r C Cphlaiaildcde of employmen Cook ceptions apply) & ba visite nuestra pgina web o llmenos!reck eraing ofesusinesMining occupationsla.w o ffI nutlfh omer miSnt aiamtneu yCm po ewnrsastoginteutroioef qnhu iais nreodmr t oalaswisfut hl mimi noirm huemr i nw aasgsee artifnter notifying his or herlorida ** fCOMMISSION ON pe hsotircsei, or dpeoswer,Loading and unloading trucks edtation, xkciept clerical); boiler or engineDISCRIMINACINorkforee 1.800.226.2536 WToll-Fshearing machines; woodworktential rights under Secgt iosnu c2h4 r, iAghrttis.c le ofLaboror , W WFage & Hour Division, listed in the telephone direc Spceptions) tiin ncegtin dr gerous animvicesals T Tallahassee, Florida 323991 BASADA EN:HUMAN RELAmachinesManufacturing brick and tile producFlorida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the United States DeparOperating circular saws, band saws, & guillotine shearsap eclro ivayeinldagwcihtviooinn h g aintshaenocet moruperclto eioyvefer aw5 edayasi ntsotraens oelmvep alonyye cr ltaoim resc foovr eru nbpaacikdwwaaggeessmplauys ** Wo orking with compressed gases exceeding 40 p.splanting orakdying in public messenger ser ts as employment (some damages and afeoe uosnifg A o m eecWorkers Compensation Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Age Restric inortions- ndoor sales of produc scho ON ctions. RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONAL labor law posters. Compliance isnt optional. Failure to meet compliance with these 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite oorkrrlifts, earthmoving equipment, and haking in or around toPhone: king with electrical apparatus or wiringxic substancest,o rcsor rovrvestinoesir v2e0gDISCRIMINA fono: (850) 488-7082** Operating or assisting to operate tracplowing machinery or any moving machinerysutnhibnjiremployaie alrfind.orned n$ a1 ylt,ia0ebd0l 0ebpyf oetrrhveii notLelaentitgoiionsnl,a aptularyye a vbmiloael ayt toib ntrghi en mgs itana timec. uiv mTilhawec aAtgitotenorrnetoeq yu einGrefeomnrceerneat ls t hoirseEXEMPTIONS tions- (from hour restrictions only; hazard restrictions stillapply)hazardous Correo de Vootions stillnt Insurance LO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:Hour Restric(850) 488-7082 BASED ON TIONAL ORIAG z: 1-800-342-8170 ADO CIVIL.,Voice Messaging: 1-800-342-8170 s who(from age requirements; hazard restricapply until 18 yrs.) mu t tmSection 24, Article X of the State Constitution and Section 448.110, Florida Statutes. the la Complianc p w.ln by ec oth nThe Fatac cting the Child Labor Complianc l DIRSAACBEIL, CITOYL, OAGRE,, R PE IY REIGGIONANN, SCEYX O, NRA MA ano a f p I A nts inryoreccuispteatrioedn sw nitoht Cdehcillda Lreadbo ACINCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O EST EMPLEODEQUEJA EJA ofoficwage hold a high school equivalen Mew inosrps ainp ethreo edu erlnaiFlorrkidfao lre tghiesliar ptuarreeery (10 years old) RITAL ST loymeeW:Minors who hold waivers from a public school or Child LaborMages in the Minors who are or have been marriedemploy If the minor is attending a K If an injured minor is employ s Acourt may authorize an ex Y a knkn a heemption from age and hour restri mmnDep DE PRESEN TAR UNA PRESENTSAR UNA QU)Minors who have either graduated from an accredited high school, orComplianctainment indust At times, some ARTIALinors who have served in the Ucy diploma.S. Armed ForcesWHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LAan apMinors who are enrolled in high school work programs REMTA PUBLI C WEN AMH ACIPFSLCTTOOLEMYREMM- FBEOILLNDOITAWNTGEby case bawsiss. employed minors.A ENVENG RTAIVE DESPUE-12 public school, a waiver may be obtained and granted by the local school distri neemicaWtioAIVERS ertain requirements of FSTATE E ATI EEO casaertial waivers of qualify, applicantsLEYIV DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERFor details, se must demonstrat lorida Child Labor law is designed to serorida leaw.W neaievde tr ova bpe pae wnled in violation of anicdat pivioe rondtse. c aEtr emm prielnovoieyresw rsaedn mdusntcd kgereapn ate dcopny m to remaicnt. inA ll other minors may request IANJ OV LEA N G AACCIN COACOMODO PBLICOsecond degree misdemeanor lorida: RNCRSELATIAMLIATIONWORKERer maS COMPENSAy be subject to up to double the compensation otherwise paent owf pt:visit our web site or call us dre co To Employees:Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado, posting requirements can lead to hefty \x1f nes and legal liabilities.PENALTIESTIONF. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, n Re mp Flo gram visite nuestra pgina web o llmenos!y provision of the Child Labor la of Florida, an it ma2601 Blair Stone Road Ale e, mFl32399-2212FLORIDA and PFrlorida ofesYour E mn a pmplolatiotyn o rCphlaildce of employmen LAHUMANAS DE LA FLORIDAPOSTING REQUIREMENTSF loUyers of minors must post in a conspicuous place on the proper r is re r thmegveieiste e Flnredt oredriCori bd Labo. wyayar Programt, where COMISIN DE RELACIONES y be easily read, this poster notifying minors of the Child Labor laB.yable under Work ersRegu Compensation lawFor information on Flolorida laws contacrida:t: Florida Depar ogether f usines COMMISSION ONthaetio 4075 Esplanade For information on federal laws contac.S. DepartTmelephone 850.488.3131; WToll-F workers.loyle e is re tory under U.S. mmt Aessistant .a.Artssistmnecneat o L o Lncef aRevw . 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Compensation $25,000R WARD PRviction ofThismplo rtment of from employee tas wx teaosgreceive reemployment assistance bhflorida no ur whaenkly full Why Sell It: Organize 6 R ( D R Ferv 6 Fe lmuts At besistasntedceiPrn acogracomr po plica dLavision of W -2s0sfo4isobs. ThismploReewoorkers.4 Yoouu m mmuuuusspo t reg E10FLL eyble as. paid by your employer and, bye lnae ffitsau.clt o iomf yf oy.uo umr own. dLaww.0 g f re - ymth sueent. E10FLLA great add-on sale and easy product to promote because all employers must display u mayThose$25,000Reward Ree noticemeny followingYo reu mquuiremst bee tntsota: afrhtoo lly or partially unemployed througy.cnomd w.ages. 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If youua hrtalimfaicateven at oionf ny qE uconutil enstioao msic Opnes ret ampgoortunity, Reemployment Assistance Program at:Revision Date: 11/192020 ComplyRight, Inc. 6F9LSa-i-us d.4 0dr-0 1eM75poa4, rr8Fcti.nAh. gC2 .0lin1Ck0o mation NoticeEMPLOYER NOTE: Must be posted in a conspicuous place for convenient viewing by a employes and a nts. Dep istanstedceiPrn acogracomr Department of Economic Oepporte Prvrogriceunitsa myReeDimplovision of W nt0orkrce S A2s0sfo4isjobs. 418org yme 1w-8florida -2tancuppdeantsed February 2019)noticyemen must tA bes anwc.ewith Section 443.151(1) Florida Statutes, of the Florida Clear the clutter with organized, e\x1ecient recordkeeping, pgs. 8-12 postingsand are overwhelmed by the responsibility of researching, obtaining and keeping up with the latest requirements. When to Sell:Manage Year-round. For single-poster buyers, any time theres a mandatory federal or state posting change (which we inform you of via compliance alerts).Organize, track and manage employees with ease, pgs. 13-18Forklift Safety EEOC: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act10 Steps to Safety Equal Employment Opportunity isEMPLOYEE RIGHTSTHE LAW UNDER THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACTProtect 1. Training s th B i 2. Loading & Unloading s Dbehhbaancdklwedar. d3. BatteriesFEDERAL LABOR LAW POSTINGSs r e D Private Employers, State and Local Governmen Otsr, gEadnuiczaattiioonnsal Institutions,O FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGEEmployment Agencies and Labor yment as required onrraprkalaielcsr oes ahtodaplclr abrevseewsnehttimaleno dlvo ewamdhieenneglt obolrfoutcrnkulosc ksashd, iantlrgla .bi le e r s,re atocecudkr ecbdao apbraedcf iootyrrebn threivdeeygr e aeprxelca etderesid,v eesdhn. a olOlv nbelre,yp wloriotahpde str hlwyeii rt hin& Fuel Tanks Applicaangencies and labor organizations are protected under F m rn dmisecnrtims, ienadtuiocnat oionn athl ien sftoiltloutwioinngs ,b eamsepslo: $7.25PER HOURts to and employees of most private employers, state aedndera locl law froal goveoperator The floring of trucks, trailers, and railroad cars the rated capacity of the truck shal Fuel tanks shal not be filed whileRACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGINThe emplo hasyer by beenshall29CFRtrained certify 1910.178(1). and that e veachaluatedheaylabreecdhreivcekne do nftoor .breaks and weaknes beforeW the a evnogidineed .is runing and spilage shal discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, clas alp , palnicda nottsh aenr da sepmecptlos yoefe esm frpolmoy mdiescnrti,m oinn atthioen b ains ihsi orifn rga, cper,o cmoolotir,o n,BEGINNING JULY 24, 2009tilth teon s tstaabcilkiiznegthoretlioearidn sgh, aolnl blye e unsoeudg. be Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amendification, refered, protects a ommodate an The certification shall include the nameof the date operator of the ,e thevaluation, date of and thetraining,theTrucks in need of repairs to theeemlipgiloonye,e esesx r e(eilnigcilouudusin pgr rpacrcetigcneas n wchyh)e, roertnhaet iaocncaolm mormigoind.a Rtioelnig didooues sd nisoctr iimmipnoastsieo unu nindculeued heasr dfasihliinpg. to reasonably ac The law requires employers to display this poster where employees can readily see it.theidentity electrical ec system EM DISABILITYthe training of the orperson(s)evaluation. performingdisconted prio shallr toshauch repairs.ve the batteryforP cLoOnYvEeRn iNeOntT vEi:e Mwuinstgbbeypaol edp ilno yae ceosn asnpdic aupopulsi c cpalnatcse.the basis of disability in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, clasification, referal, and other aspects ofOtV leEaRstT 1IM tEtim PeAs Ythe regular rate of pay for al hours worked over 40 in a workweek. etm Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, protect qualified individuals from discrimination onAAlways4. Routineof an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an applicant or employee, baring undue hardship. CHILD LABORemployment. Disability discrimination includes not making reasonable acommodation to the known physical or mental limitations Remember Checks <<< Scan for compliance verification. EPPA: Employee Polygraph Protection Act AGE d ification, referal, and otherhanzz employeeyey mthues sSt e bcer e atta lreya osostfL1L16ab b yoera.r r Ys o ouldtdhisn1w4o arnkd h 1o15u ryse raerssst tororilcdt imonasy.wDoifrfrfekr roeunt rules apply in agricultural employment. g, Stunt beforeasispcericmtsi noaf tieomn pblaoysemde onnt. age in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, clas A na-rmintto work in most non-farm jobs and t tsasititd lee asscth o1o8o lt hoho o wuorsr ki n in v anroionu-fsa rnrnmon j-o-mbasa nduefcalcatruerdin Alert employees to potential hazards with safety signs and workplacenot be dri permitted.ving and horseplay shallIndustrial econditionmade Florida Department of The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended, protects applicants and employees 40 years of age or older fromp t. ,noe p dou insg b, non-hazardous jobs with certa ee g ae tp t iael rw haogeur c irfe etdhiety yb calsaeimdoan nt itptpip pcsr ereedcite aiaivgeadin bstytthheeiirriChild Labor Fair EmploymnFire aisles, access to stairways, andshall notbeing be trucks placed placed shall in inservicebe service, examined if and theSEX (WAGES) EmIPp loCoyRerErs DofIT tipped employees who meet certain ccoaonshd iwtiaognesomomf a aaytclelelaaimst$a$a 2p.1a1ar3rpfire equipment over loose shallobjectsbe kept on clear thevxamination EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Child Labor Lawsof the Civil Rights Act, as amended, thea lElyq ueqalu Pala yw Aocrkt ,o inf1jo96bs3 ,t haas ta rmeeqnudireedT loyees. Empolobyliy wa mu.s Itfpapanany emmpplololoyyeere ms tuisptsm coakmeb up the difroadway surface shall be avoided. adversely Such affecting sho examinationwstheany safety found shallshall ofbetheBusiness & Inr oahddibititiso ns etxodseisxc rdimiscinraimtioinna tinio tnh ep rpoahyibmietendtobyfwTiatgleeos rtkoin wgo cmonedni taionnds m, ien nt hpee rsafomrme iensgt asubblisshtmanetni VI em grast ioogne, the etipped employees ained with tehreee n necme.ployers cash wage of at least $2.13 per hour do not equal m m FLRevision Date: 11/19mein mimmiunmim uwuwmag heh o ourlRunning ehicle. The State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that least daily. Defects when equal skil, efort, and responsibility, under similar w th5. Traveling EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT GENETICS The federal laT wWORK inA itcatl i(cFsL.SA)irn faosrpmeacttiso onf. ovhveer tFtiLm Wbreast milk. fo inrghm ero uerrsrs i egmlo ild ye rw ohno sy es r ajefct t rt othFLORIDAposters, pgs. 19-21 10. KeepIf be immediately reported and corrected. State La pr o Florida i a Professional19 years old Protecting the Health, Education and Welfare of Minors in the Workplace F e E t EaOc Y tC , E A t crimination basedo n e ono T d NURSING MOTHERS o o T b c o o ru : IcI h hn e iIo lai IioNn s t,S ahr . e f uuib d L rs An tth LE e g Y hc fe o DE e i uu a L r b A e tehh ec hFiLL lldSsA : s,Regulation This chart summarizes the child labor laws of the State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards g. FLORIDA LA SeA r rreeqquuirireems eenmtsp ililony yoerrdse etroro f for thprovied ee mrepalsooyneaeb tleoeobexrxreparke stsim bere e faoaosr t ta a m niuluk nm cph than Title Iof the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 protects applicants and employees from discondition,trucksfree of shall lint,beexcess kept oil, inaand cleanincluding priv SCHOOL The strictMinors 16 & 17 FLSA: Nopply) om FLSA: May not work during school hours (some exceptionsa irbtaht h eraocohm ti, mthea ts u iscsc hs heimeldpelody fefreo mha vsvs iae wn e aendd t t fofr eeex fpfprroems PROHIBETrucks Clean All traffic regulations shall be observed,The Employee Polygraph Protection er provisions must be observed and are denoted by bold letterinMinors 14 & 15Under 14 years old MAY NO PROHIBITS nrtrreruasssito mn iflrko. mEm cpolwoyoerrkse ararsr ea naldlds oth hree qpuuibrelelicd, tw oh picrho vmidaeyab ep luacsceeeed, o btyh ethr e ActG n gpleonyemtiecn int.f oGrmINaAti oanls oinrheisrtinrigc,t ps reommpolotiyoenr,s d aisccqhuairsgiteio, pn aoyf,fgreinngeet icb einnfeofrimtsa, tjoiobntraanidn instgr, icctlalys sliimficitast iodnis,c rloesfuerrera ol, fa gnedn oettihc employee to expreshours unless they meet a criterion of theofe dniseetiacs einsf oorrm daistioornd einrcsl uind feasm inilfyo mrmeamtiboenr as b(ofaumt iglye mneetidcic tael shtsis toof rayp);p alicnadn rtes,q eumesptlso fyoere os,rorer tcehiepitrofafm gielyn emtiecm sberevrisc;e tsh eb ym aapnpifliecsatnattsio, Industrial A safe distance authorized shallplantbe maintained speed limits.b oh Law Postings te employers from usingalorida &E rtEmMenENTgrease. Noncombustible agents shouldthe truck ahead, and the truck shall berbits mostATTENDANCE Florida: May NOT work during schoolemployees, or their family members. ThNe F DOeRpaC other violations. The Department may liti or overtimeBASADA ENail s smseosnsneedybe used for cleaning trucks. (Includesapproximately three truck lengths fromlie detector tests either for pre-employmentRETALIATION DISCRIMINATION DISCRIMINACINsolvents with flashpoints above 100 F.) keptloadbeingcontrol carried at allobstructstimes. PERMITS TO Hour Restrictions listed below.i A n l aodf itscherisme inFeatdioerna pl rlaowcese pdriongh,i boitrcoothveerrewdis een otiptipeos sferos man r euntalaliwatfinulgeamgapinlosytm a epnetr psoranc wtice.ho files a charge of discrimination, participatespenalties may a t has authority to recover back wages anigda t taen a enqdu/oalrlarmemcooumnmt ienn ldiq curidimatinenedadldparmomosaegceust iion n in.n sEtmanpcloeys e eorsfmminanayim buem a swseasgsee,d d limitationsthe direction of, and keep a clear viewany employee or jobWORK Florida & F. LSA: Not required, except the FLSA requires the employer to maintain date of birth information for all employees under y BASED ON eaONhild laborRG on U RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONAL the under screening or during the course of employment. WHAT TO DO IF YOU BELIEVE DISCRIMINATION HAS OCCURRED o Is b CE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, N Ic I n civveilr mtimonee, ya npde nlasloti i ebse f f oaosr s seeeesascehd w foiol r vl i oolra rtieopnesa a otfef dth veio FlLatSioAoAnsochf itldh e l a amboinri mpruomvi i swioangse.Heightenedpiavaiyiylpmpmroonveisyio pnesn oafl ttiehehsesemlaway.CbCeivThe driver to shall travel be with required the load to look trailing. inHOURS OF WORK,Florida: Ma.y work up to 30 hours per week. There are strict time limits for filing chNy on school daargot before 7 a.my.s o, when r es of employm -free)wrk AR weh ea vio A aeter dt.h eTeT hFeL SlaAw. also prohibits retaliating against or discharging o forward view, the driver shall beMinimum Wage WHEN SCHOOLNot before 6:30 a.m. or later than y when 11 p.m.Florida: May work up to 15 hours per week.D R S A oiulitldy LaCctp tlryfoATh c w AL O S vv T latit T at t d dreetseurltmtms iininne tdh teteo d beea twh iololfru slsl doirn rge e upneerious injury of any minor employee, and such asesments may be 9f.BReawmaprse required P of involvement in a workplace incident (theft, embezzlement, etc.)t after 7 p.m. and for no more than 3 hours a da , sehnot udlids cyroimu inualtitmionat.e Tlyonpereedse trov,e y thu e ah ABoofT EoO GE,or P m R pu EGNANCY OR w M blelerds w TALcomplaint or participate in any proceeINCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTADO CIVIL.shall standing Maintenance 6. 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Additional information ailable atADDITIONAL INFORMATIONLO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:orh 1e-n8 0d0is-c6ri6m9i-n6a8ti2o0n ( itso slul-sfrpeeec TteTdY: T nhuem Ub.eSr.fEoqru ianl dEivmidpuloaylsm weinthtOhepaproinrgt uimniptya irCmoemnmtsi)s.s EioEnO (CE EfOielCd )o, f1f-i8ce0 0in-f6o6r9m-4at0io0n0is(t oavlschool is scheduled the following da Sunday, and on nonschool days, when school daOn all be grades driven the with load the and load load upgrade.fixed object. in front Nopersonof a bench shall or be other allowedLeave TruckNotice to Employeesected by the law.E s HOURS OF WORK,no hour restric Applica a t7u pr.dmay.App, Su rs e;n deorta bl elafowrsea7l lao.wms.oth dias yasg, we ghreonu spc htoo wolo drakyWHA ex IS COVERED UNDER THE LA cfteiorenns c aen bde e ctowrereencnt tlyh ecel atswswsoif iACCI m elo VELUGARES DE ACOMODO PBLICOin excess ascending of 10 percent, or descending loadedtrucksgrades other rights under the Act. w days when schotions. ol does not folow, there areFLS.m.A: Daily maximum of 3 hours on school days, 8 horu arfst neor n7s pc.hmoo. 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A powered industrial truck is unattendedAlso, the law does not apply to tests given by the Federal Government toEtxraicmt isnteaensd haradvsecao nnucmerbneinrg o tfh sep ecocinfdicu rcitg hatnsd,inlecnlugdthin go f tthhee r tigehstt.to aup and requires af1 Employers Holding Federal Contracts or Subcontracts on E al E WH So om e stnate elaalwthsoprfr oPvuiederet og rReaictoer. ify workers as independent contractors whe AT esxeemnpot . y employees under the FLSA. if applicable, P.e Adevsotidri ans 7. Repairs &Federal, State and local governments are not af WXhAerMe pINolEygEra RphIG teHstTs aSre permited, they are subject to numerousdontoo 8tfhoolorws,ounn Strk up to 8 hours per day and up to 40 hours per w reio RETALIATION AFTER FILIN It ai G E e e N dr o tavn AI Akenow tp throe ONesn ((unclesDE PRESENTleAR UNA QUEJAs to and ecmtepdl ouynedees ro Ff ecdoemrapla lnaiwes f rwoimthda isFcerdimeirnaation on the fols to stand or pass under the elevatedIf at any time a powered industrial truckfrom lowered, 2020,a minimumof atc The Act permits polygraph (a kind of lie detector) tests to be administeredv and the right not to have test results disclosed to unauthorized persons. may work until 9S o licantare prote .p to 40 hours per week. aspects of employment. i iscrimination on the f beamsips looyf ment.w mapnno ET WAGE AND HOUR DIVISIONREV 07/16 ABOR tu biliti IV ay be paid les than the minimum wagTrucks shall not be driven up to anyoneUnattended certain private individuals engaged in national security-related activities. writ IS NOT IN SESSIONFlorida: No limitations.Florida:Ma 246, as amende d, prohibits job discriminaeek; Work tion on the basis of race,M or norigin ISTLE-BLOWA CL ia etrtimLI NG tor se aar m A aree entit to the FLSportion of any truck, whether loadedis found to be in need of repair, defective,when the operator is 25 ft. or moreawway, The 2020 minimum wage in Florida is $8.56 per hour, effective Januarye winter, spring breaks) FLSA: No limitations.RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN C g eim -tli mceer tstsitfuicdaetnenetsts i,s ssssutuuedde bnyt ltlehaer nDeerps,a artpmpreennt t tioiocfe LsL,a abanodr . worrkers with disaa TRA DE PRESENTAR UNA QU)Minimum Wage in FloridaWHEN SCHOOLNote: Hazardous occupations still apply formay not woy rkw boefore 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m. LO wR R traEN CONen notice before testing, the right to refuse or discontinue a test,Executive Orderirmative action to ensure equality of opportunity in al C BAJO LA LEY DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERor empty. Unauthorized personnel shallor or whene the vvehicleer theoperatorwhich remains leavesthein vie in the private sector, subject to restrictions, to certain prospective(summer vacation;minors. mLuSsAt: b Mea pye rwfoorrmk uepdtboe 8tw heoeunr s7 p ae.rm d. aayn adn 7d pum.; from June 1 to Labor Dayts ons of anunedretari i ns p feucl Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado,INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES If you feel that you have been discriminated against,am ENFORCEMENT Florida: No more than 6 consecutiv deek.FLSAp:. Nm.o limitations. visit our web site or call us! 1-866-487-9243ndp olofy peheasr omf asceecuutriictaylsmeravniucefa cfitrumres r(sa,r dmisotrriebdu tcoarrs, a alanrdm d, isapnedn gseurasr.d),DAYS PER WEEK ection 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, protects qualified individuals from dAll repairs shall be made only bymeans AGRICULTURE Florida: Minors may work no more e dathany 4s in an consey one wcutive hours without a 30 minute uninterrupted break. 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Contact: W048 1,e ii 1.withregtea.l i aRteig r a wageleast $5.54 per hour for tippedt WH1462Tihoela Stioecnrse atnardyaosfs eLsasb ocirv iml paeyn balrtiinegscaoguairnts at cvtiioolnasto tros .r eEsmtrpaloiny eesimitations.Oa o o r ththate rFewdiseer aql ucaolinfiterda citnodrisv itdaukaelwafiftirhm aa dtiivsaeb aiclittyio wn htooeism apnl oapy palnicda nadt voar necme pinl oeymeep,l obyamr e ic .enngtuqnudaluiefiehda irnddshivipid. uSaelsc twioitnhdisabilities at al o aa Leave Entitlements UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF L visite nuestra pgina web o llmenos!industrial restored Whenleftshall unattended, beesfullyset.power shall controls be shutemployees, in addition to tips.Tehret aAinc te amlspolo pyeerems iotfspproivlyagtrea pfihrm tess wtinhgo,saureb jerecats toon arebslytr sicutsiopencst, eodf BREAKS FLSA: No limitations.levels of employment, including the executive level. FLORIDA COMMISSION ONWH108 TTwY:w 1w-8.d7o7l-8.g8o9v-/5w6h2d7authorized personnel. shall be neutralized, or job applicants may also bring their own court actions.off, and brak Florida: Minors participating in farm work, not on their parents or guardians farm, must comply with the sameLA COMISIN DE RELACIONES restrictions as in other work. FLSA: No lchool in occupations not declared hazardous in agricultureDaily Inspection Checklist Twage rate is recalculated yearly on September 30, based on the Consumer102.(Exception: 12 and 13 year-olds may be employed with written parental consent or on a farm where the minorees are exempt from the federal minimum ws parent is alage provisioso employed; minors under 12 ns.) See Child labor BuletinHUMAN RELATIONS HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDAT The law requires employers to display this poster where employees and job applicants can readily see it. DISABLED, RECENTLY SEPARATED, OTHER PROTECTED, AND ARMED FORCES SERVICE(Only applies to certain employerssee note at botom) Bactcteerleyr ConEngin OvOillLPereaskssure More Information, PleasePrhiec em Inindiemxu. ma hgtsa ipnrsott t eacnt eedm bpyl othyheee Sto h WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION REV 07/16 FLSA:No employment permitted during school hours.May work after s MEDAL VETERANS lorida law and Child, 38 U.S.C. 4212, prohibits job discrimination andFMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 110P may be employed with written parental consent on farms where employ 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 110Check for anyv edefects that a safety in thecheckitems belo be performedw beforeduty:before each shift to ensure safe operation.A Labor Rule TTwY:w 11w88.d676o7l4.8g88o79v/95w26h42d37 Thqeu Vireiest nafafmir mEartai vVee atecrtiaonnstRoe eamdjpuslotym aenndtAadsvsiasntacnec ienAemct polof y1m97e4n, t ads isaambleendd veedteraranns sw, rheoc esenrtlvye sde pdaurraintge davweaterrarn sin (w llahassee, Florida 32399 Tallahassee, Florida 32399 HyderrhaeulaidcGCuonartrolsA RESTRICTED OC.For more inCUPATIONS fo on H TOhse,Scotanttea oct the Uf Florida has incorporated the 17 Hazardous Occupations (HOs) of the FLSA into the F T ictahmin ptahirgeneUNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR yeera erxs poefd diitsiochna frogrewohr icrhe lea acsaem frpoamig na cbtaivdeg ed uhatys) ,b oetehne ar uptrhootericzetedd) , vaented rAanrms (evde tFeorces service medal veterans (veterans who, while Biastcehrayr ge Indicator Gialu Lgeesvel Laigdhitast or LevelStneuersiunaglName ro evmep ptlhe m a h fotreeCxoernrncsitsiitnuntgtgi ohni si nocrl udeerthrieg hritghot with an ** annotating Florida law onlyS. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.This poster represents a combination of those lawsPhone: EMPLOYEE RIGHTSBr Hoournr MeterTelephone enc eoy er inmiamamyu mno wta Minors under the age of 18 ma on active duty, participated in a U.S. military operation for which an Armed Forces service medal was awarded). eeding, or(850) 488-7082(850) 488-7082Minors 14 and 15 may not work in these occupations:to:Working in or around explosives or radioacy not work in below occupations:tive substances RETALIATION ely: irmative action obligation V under the authoritiesUNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACTBraakkeessSPearrkviicnegHiegahdts a n dW Taarinling Nioreisses OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 Maintaining or repairing an establishment, machines, or equipment soice Messaging: 1-800-342-8170 TelfonVoo: z: 1-800-342-8170Retaliation is prohibited against a person who files a complaint of discrimination, participates in an OFCCP procOperating motor vehicles including all power mowers and cuttersLogging or sawmilling Atnhye rpwerisseo no pwphoos ebse dlieisvcerism ai ncaotniotrna cutnodre hra tsh evsioel aFteedde irtas l nlaownsd.iscrimination or af Correo de n employer\'s alleged noncompliance with lawfulOperating power-driven meat processing machines to include meat, meat packing, processing, orWorking in, setting up freezers or, adjusting meat coo,le orrs cleaning power-driven meat orry-THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISIONEnhance workforce training and development, pgs. 22-23 imI 2016 ComplyRight, Inc.2 lFile a complaiqnut iarbemomouetn atsu. t anf employer\'s aleged noncompliance withand vegetable slicers; slaughtering forming, punchints or hoisting g, andTbhoev Oe sf hoeu oldfcFoendtearcatliCmomnetrdaiactt1C-o8m00p-l3ia9n7c-e6 2P5r1og (rtaoml-sf r(eOe)F CorC (P2)0, U2). S6.9 D3-e1p3a3r7t m(TeTntY o).fOLaFbCoCr, P2 m00a yC aolnsos tbiteu tcioonn tAacvteendu eb,y Elfor a covered employer can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-vepgeeratatbinlge slicers, grinders, food choppers, and cutters, and bakenhvpios olpvrrteaoddn iutn n ccotr tiees a:td iTenhsiggi,spniser odapd tpuoc rpoirnvogev doid rfo edr ia ucstcrsuie brbuaytti ent ahgnepdthu aircus tphhrooasdreiturc aottn iivlyesn i. nt oliiras mbfoaletrmi foo nmr.aHoanyywndoaetv mebrea , gsihtes ai sra erndios pitn uag b soluiucbstly oti tfou trh twee f iutohsr e lte hogriar idlnpaadbavirtiliciteeysto.an du deo etsh ins opt rops rouvcitd.e Y legu aalr o puinrgioends t oo cn oannsyu sltp eacn ifatict ofranctesy o croe rin pfaorrmticautiloarsiitsu partoiovnid aedn dw ainthy t shpee cunifdice rqsutaestidoinnsg o trh cato anncye rpnesr syoounmor aeynm.i i n iImnufuomrm w aagneyreperson abo rendering Operatinersg motor vehicles r procesed king ing an OFCCP regional or district ofice, listed in most telephone directories underprigogitbelect teedm leploavyee einswaw ho12- mwooornkth period for the folowing reasons:Wrecking, demolition or excavation type mixN.W., Washington, D.C. 20210,Mining occupations U-.mS. aGil oavt eOrnFmCCenPt-,P Duebplica@rtdmoeln.gto ovf,oLra bboyr .cal3a.w w Iu nlf omrimn i iamnuym p ewrsaogneoref q huisir eomr ehenenrtr s p. oJob Safety and Health * * H Manufacttuurreindg,, mining miceptions apply) & ba r a o T s i e L ORIGIN, SEX L eerxv icine se duuncdaetri osuncahl p pria D r E LA FThe birth of a child or placement of a child for adoption or foster cdars e eb;shearing machines; woodwork manufac ned, o, or processing occupations where goods are Operating power-driven bakeringy; metal-, paper produc Cooking (some ex Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistancetentia l l o rri ghhetrsiunn adsesre rSteincgti osunc 2h4 r,i AgAghrttsic. leManufacturing brick and tile products Working in occupations in Transportation, Warehouse and Storage,machines RACE, COLOR, NATIONAX of the State Constitution and to assist him **Operating circular saws, band saws, & guillotine shears Cooommms unications, and Construction (except clerical); boiler or enginess si srteacnecievi nisg p Fre odveisr olnf ionfa ncial For the employe child (leave must be taken within 1 year of t hae q cuhiallikfyeisn gt h hsee reiousmpl ohyeeaelt hu ncaobndle i ittioo n;irth or placement);ITS THE LAW! In addition to the protections of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, asTTTToooocbcbaornde f owr i itthh eaeemsp polowyne eqsu aspouslifyinge ,s cecehiriousld, o hr epaaltrhe ncto ndwhoitio o hna sthat ma** WWorking in or around toxic substances, corosives or pesticides am isntadnecde, . pErmohpilboiytsm deinstc rdimiscinraimtio A LEY ooggrraamms s.LORIDAorking with compressed gases exceeding 40 p.s.i. Loading and unloading trucks inna toionn t hise c obavesirse odfbrayc Te,i tcleo lVoIrif torh nea tpiroimnaal royr iogbinj eicnt pivreo gofr atmhesfoinr aancctiiavli taieFLORIDA LAWWaonrdking in public messenger serling certain dangerous animvicesalsAn employeedwgihvoin hga tsh ne o etm mrepcleoeiyveerd 1 t5h ed alayaws ftou l rmesionlivme u amn yw calgaeieim asf tfeor r r nuontipfayiidn gw haigse so rm haeyr ** Operating or assisting to operate trac * S employment, or where emmploeynmdmenetn dtsis ocfr i1m9i7n2at piorno hciabuitsse se morp mloayym ceanuts de isdcirsicmriimnaintiaotnio on nin t hper obvaidsiisn go fs s PROHIBEpFoerr fqoqrumali ftyhineg e emxpigleoenycecieessrjoebla;ted to the foreign deployment of a military member who is the employer an forklifts, earthmoving equipment, and ha Coxceptions) e Educatione ABILITIES employees spouse, child, or parent.rt la ec tIXepray paintingiv iotife sth which receiv A Federal financial assistance.nducting door-to-door sales of products as employment (some ba court of law against an employer to recover back wages plus** Working with electrical apparatus or wiringtors rovvestiner 20g ,P plantingTO horse, or power,PROHIBITS 3, as amended, prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disability in any is a covered servicemembers spouse, child, parent, or next of kin may also bararimnga gae sc iaiavnidlaatcttoiornne yins fees.reltaatleiadte ind juargya ionrs t. ilness, without beingh plowing machinery or any moving machinery DISCRIMINA p p y Id ,as c : TI sho O I d N W: EEOC-P/E-1 (Revised 1/09) DISCRIMINACIN y necessary or otherwise INDIVIDUALS WITH DISd All workers have the right to: Employers must: applyr Section 504 of the Rehabilitation A e, ct of 197inancial aas nce. Discrimatiionant, iocna nis p perrofohrimbit tehde i ne sasle nastipael cfutns cotfi oenms polof ythmeejnotb a. gainstAn eligible employee whoFMLA leave in a single 12-month period to care for the servicemember with A safe workplace. apply until 18 yrs.)RACE, COLOR, R Ife BASED ON si sdta isc nc s Federalo fugta rinesats ionn a pro a nse eri mployeewee kilsn oesf sn.eed to use leave in one block. When it is medicalAn employer found liable for intentionaly violating minimum wage requirements isP EXEMPTIONStions- (from hour restrictions only; hazard restrictions stillpreorgsoranmswoirt ha cdtiisvaibtyil iwtiehsic wh hroec, ewivitr ehi moirn awtietdh a R ul GIN,bisleta agcrcaomm omf oandy institution whichtake uousp t oin 2ju6r yd ooers not Hour Restric Age Restrictions- (from age requirements; hazard restrictions still Minors who hold waivers from a public school or Child Labor)Minors who work for their parents in ocupations not declaredBASADA EN:co eiuv ebse lFieevdee ryaolu fi nhaanveci able aesnyou immediately contact the Federal agencyA employees a workplace free fromEroLviGIONSEistanN ONAL O RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALyour emp rerocovgidnei zaendehmazpalordyse.e I tf oisriul EE M ing su X,/09 Supplementpermitted, employees may ,take leave intermittently or on a reduced schedule.subject to a fine soifg n$a1t,e0d0 0b pyper vei oLlaetgioisnl,a tpuaryeab mlea yto o btrhinen g gs taaaa tec.i v Tilhe a cAtitottno rntoe y e eGnfeonrecrea lt hoer Compliance s eignaglaton yr eotfa ltihaete ir DISABILITY, AGE, P hazardousch e.ATIARITAL STATUS.INCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTEmployees mADO CIVILay choose, or. an employeerd m paayid r eleqauivere f,o usr FeM oLf Aa c lecrauveed,tphaeid de lemapvloe yweehi lem ustatk cicinogm FpMlyL wAwA ith Minors who are or have been married Pages in the Florida legislatureagainst REGNANCY OR M leothihneirm o th Raise a salfoeyteyroorrhOeSalHthA ,c oorn creeprno rwt ait h work- Minors who have either graduated from an accredited high school, orNeinwosrps ainp ethr de eelinvteerry (10 years old)tainment industry registered with Child LaborLO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:m ufmfi cwiaalg ed.ehold a high school equivalen OC 9/02 and OFCCP 8/08 Versions Useable With 1 ctions. thaev ee.m Ifp alony eemrmsp noloyremea sl upbasitditu letaevse a poccrliucies.Minors who have served in the Ucy diploma.S. Armed ForcesWHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LArights under the law, including raising aCompliancePARTIAL WAIVERS The Florida Child Labor law is designed to serve and protecAtcmoiunrot may authorize an exrs and encourage theemption from age and hour restrim to remain in school. At times, some Minors who are enrolled in high school work programsFor details, see Section 24, Article X of the State Constitution and Section 448.110, Florida Statutes.re weitahlt h OaSnHdA s, aofr ertey pcoornticnegr nawwiothrk y-roeula oter dUSERRA: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act t injury or ilness.PUBLIC E MACPCLOOYMMMEONDTATIONS asis.To qualify, applicantsLUGARES DEEMPLEOACOMODO PBLICOWBWehinelef eitms p&lo yPyeroes taercet ioonn FsMLA leave, employers must continue health insurance coverage as if the Rebc heaivzea ridnsfo, rimncalutidoinn ga nadl hraazinarindgo uosn the lawlicmaotionnst rbayt ec othnatta ccting the Child Labor Complianc RETALIATIOt. seA bll other minors may requestACCIN VENGACCINI VENGATIVE DESPUEemployees wSere not on leave. e job or one nearly jo anu aspt pde .If the minor is attending a K-12 public school, a waiver may be obtained and granted by the local school distri by cca employed minors. ATVA ENsubstances in your workplace.Comply with alYOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRAN COertain requirements of Florida laew. Wneaievde rt oa pbpel iwcaativioends.a Erme rpelvoiyeewrse md aunstd k gereapn tae cdo opnyao fc pasaertial waivers of m N AFTER FILING A CLAIMR second degree misdemeanorTIONF. lorida: dTHE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEMPLOYMENTDE PRESENTAR UNAU QUEJApon return from FMLA leave, most employees must be restored tor mthsea sndam caoinndst itstioomnse. I one for PENALTIES applicable OSHA standards.STATE EMPLOYEE WHISTLE-BLOWER RETALIATIONWORKERer maS COMPENSAy be subject to up to double the compensation other RGHTS ACT TRA DEiAd Penen Rn etEimcSaplE l otNoye TitrtAwmRiat hUynoNeqAtuiQivnvatU)eleErnfJet Arpe a wyw, ibthe naenf iitnds, iavndidu oaltsh eFrM eLmAp rloigyhmtse onontrtreetfulali abtyetahge FMLA, or being Request an OSHA inspection of yeo uunr safefaetaploitrite sto w OitShHinA 8ahl w lorida:edla tael inpatientvisit our web site or call us! Florida, anBAJO LA LEY DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERusA ade unlawemploy ourosr,k -arn Al If an injured minor is employed in violation of anwise payable under y provision of the Child Labor laFlorida Workers Compensation lawsw of .If you feel that you have been discriminated against,wro urnkphleaacleth iyfycooun dbietiloienvse.OthSeHreA a wr il keepPOSTING REQUIREMENTSFemployers of minors must post in a conspicuous place on the property or place of employment, whereSi usted siente que ha sido discriminado,ing oeodrtinry aiain!ngytpor ocuseeeee e FdMinLg A Au ndleaevre o,o or prpepeololaststeieindgtaon yth hper aFcMticLeA .m.it may be easily read, this poster notifying minors of the Child Labor la USERRA protects the job rights of individuals who voluntarily or involuntarily leave employment o hospitalizations, amputations and losses a positions to undertake military service or certain ty visite nuestra pgina web o llmenosinvolv nFor information on Florida laws contact: Florida Department owf Bs.usines rofesional RegulationChild Labor Program pes of service in the National Disaster your name condentiaeln. tYaotuiv he acvoen tthaect2601 Blair Stone Road FLORIDA COMMISSION ONLA COMISIN DE RELACIONES sre aeacmousvetr:ed employer must meet three criteria in order to be eligible P of an eye within 24 hours. Government; nd Pree 1.800.226.2536 tment of LaborHEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION 4075 EsplanadeElin geimbilipltoyye eRee wew.ho Thw es lftfooy rr rm hs; ve;* andMedical System. USERRA also prohibits employers from discriminating against past andA qhoFor information on federal laws contacTallahassee, Fl32399-2212t: U.S. DepartTmelephone 850.488.3131; ent of Labor, Wage & Hour Division, listed in the telephone directory under U.S. Toll-F for FMLA leav uiremksppresent members of the uniformed services, and applicants to the uniformed services. e oermrigShHt to A ohna vyoeu a r rbeephrealsf. Provide rueaqguei raendd t vroaicnainbgul atory a tlhl ewyo crkane r sHUMAN RELATIONS HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDAO Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the United States Deparinn a delarsntgand.Working Together for Floridas Workforce Way, Suite 110If you leave your job to perform military service, vre 0 ae (or ahna vOeS yHoAur i nresppreecsteionnta atnivd eu REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS you have the right to elect to continue your existing Have workaesdt atiothe emrspothf es fvicpelo iyne rtrth h hea 1s1s 2a t leas th s5s 0b eefmorpel otyaekeinsg w leitahin 75 miles of the Prominently display this poster in the4075 Esplanadeemployer-based health plan coverage for you and yourek d 1fo,2r5n0whouherrre loyee ee or at least 12 mmoonnttif you leave that job to perform service in the uniformedTallahassee, Florida 32399Way, Suite emHWa1oplrk at tle easlocworksite.You have the right to be reemployed in your civilian jobv1oyepaarrttiicciippaattper) ivina te to the inspector. workplace. Tallahassee, Florida 32399 dependents for up to 24 months while in the military. *Special hours of service requirements apply to airline flight crew employees.service and:speak inWorkers Compensationyou ensure that your employer receives advance written Even if you don\'t elect to continue coverage during yourRe tP or verbal notice of your service;Geqneureasly,i negm pLploeoyayevees must give 30-days advance notice of the need for FMLA leave. If it is not 3y oduay hs av(beybpeheon nere, toanlilainteed o ar gain hina i l)ploascte ofOSHthAecailtlaetgioends v aiot loart ionnesa.r theVoice Messaging: 1-800-342-8170 TelfonVoo: z: 1-800-342-8170File a complaint with OSHA wbyit mst forFto identify and corectPhone: (850) 488-7082 military service, you have the right to be reinstated in (850) 488-7082 o e3th0h0e-d eamyspp noloyteicrees,usanu eaealm pprocloyeedeu rmrmeuss.2 Labor Law Posters tyou have five years or less of cumulative service in theyour employer\'s health plan when you are reemployed,possible to glg ct y ivw be t notify the employer as soon as possible and,g i 3if0 uniformed services while with that particular employer; Correo deoyou return to work or apply for reemployment in generally without any waiting periods or exclusions using your rights.a timely manner after conclusion of service; and (e.g., pre-existing condition exclusions) except forEemnpelroayleleye,e, sfsfo do not have to share a medical diagnosis, but must provide .e nouSufichie inntf oinrfmoartmioanti otonctchoule d See any pOloSyHeAr. citations issued toazEaErd AsS isS IaSvTaAilNabCleE ittoh osumt aclilt aantiodn m oer dpiuemna-lty, you have not been separated from service with aservice-connected illnesses or injuries. E th ift hthahte tnohetepmerpfoloryme edaily activities, or thatyour em hR d consultationdisqualifying discharge or under other than honorableENFORCEMENT eterans Employmentesized employers, w conditions. The U.S. Department of Labor inmclpupldloey einr f osorm iti ncga na nd eetmerpmloinyneerr canleave qualifiesisfo or rF wMiLlLl Ab ep urontaebcleti otno ho pesprfitoarlmiza hitios no ro rh ecor njotibn uing phrrooguragh mOs SinH eAv-esruyp sptoarttee. to the job and benefits you would have attained if you hadand Training Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate , V funediicoanl st,reatmr r sm If you are eligible to be reemployed, you must be restoredUnemployment Insuranc at ae nfat mis ilny emceesmsaer yw. Eams pprloevyeiouses mly ustakt einnf oorrm c ethrt eemm eRequest copies of yoeuahe i t workplacenot been absent due to military service or, in some cases,and resolve complaints of USERRA violations. -UA-DOLreason for which FMLA lecearvtificatioifnic aotrio pne risio idnicco rmepcelertteif,i cita tmiousn ts upprpovoirdtein gatwhrei tnteene dno fotirc ele iandvei.c Iaf ttinhgeif ied.ployer if the need for leave is for a0in ed workiln tha taong ureed hicaazl ardsRIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINATION mation on USERRA, contact VETS ate R. R7T/-1839 re ctohr s, tesptls aecssmd . a comparable job. For assistance in filing a complaint, or for any other infor- Employersd ceatne rrmeqinuierse t haa t nt hiserceeqruit red.njuy ande, l AND RETALIATION or visit its website at htp:/www.dol1.-g8o6v6/v-e4ts. Swmhaptl oaydedri tional informatioThis poster is available free from OSHA. If you: at htp:/ To Employees: An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewed www.dol.gov/elaws/userra.htm. Employer Responsibilities are a past or present member of the uniformed service; If you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable to Oresponsibilities under the FMLA. If the employee is have applied for membership in the uniformed service; or resolve it, you may request that your case be referredsy aewr mtiuscehat an empleomyepelosy neee eifd h foe ro ler ashveeiissfeolirg iab lere afosor nF MthLaAtmleaayv eq uaandlif,yto the Department of Justice or the Office of Specialundnceeratnhe e FmMpLloAye, rth bee ceommpelo a no are tt onof rtigifhyt tsh aendwho is liabmplole yuenrd is reer thgei steFloredrida w Reith temhep Floloymridean tDep Assistaartmnecnet L of aRevw. Tehnis ume aes anas tn ehmat pYloyoue,rYour Eare obligated to serve in the uniformed service; Counsel, as applicable, for representation. if etl igeilbigleib,le m, usthteaelsmoptifloyy iets employe as FMLA leave, and if so, how much then an employer may not deny you: You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civilnoprovird me ust proevsi dife le aa vreea wsoilnlbfoer d ineseilgigniabitleitdy .as eowmnp aloys Unees, emapre coloymveenredt Co bmy tpheen Resatioemn Pploroymgrament .Assistance Program, formerly initial employment; action against an employer for violations of USERRA.Emavpelo wyeilr sb me usdets inognated as FMLA leave.knleContact OSHA. We can help. reemployment; ch ReemploThoseyeeassistarenc pae taxid besyyfinoaur encemplo the byeenr aefnd, bits paidy l taow e,li cgaiblennot un beem deployducteded retention in employment; from e yment tas xweasg aes. Emnpfoloryceeems menaty file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, or may T y vary depending on the irecu rmigshttasn lcisetse.d T hheer tee mxta of this notice was prepared by workers. mplo E promotion; or VETS, and may be viewed on the internet at this address: r. any benefit of employment http://www.dol.gov/vets/programs/userra/poster.htm.bring a private lawsuit against anfe demerpallo oyer msteantettlahwatpprroohivibdeitisn gg redaistcerrim fainmaitlyio no ro mr seudpicearls leedav e ea rniyg hsttsa.te because of this status. Yollouw mingay re beq euliiremgiblee tntso :receive reemployment assistance benefits if you meet theFederal law requires employers to notify employees of fo 1. Thr eloc FaMl LlaAw d oore cs onollect taivf e e cbta arngay ining agreetheir rights under USERRA, and employers may meeto$25,000 Reward In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyonethis requirement by displaying this notice where theyloyed through no fau.clt oomf y. our own.$25,000assisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, 2. You must be totally or partially unem:p//connefloridact.my.cfloridaom. For additional information or to file a complaint:ANTI-FRAUD REWARD PRARD PROGRAM including testifying or making a statement in3. Yoouu m muusst t regappistely fr orf obr ewneorfk aits at tw htwwtps.et employmployment and wages. 1-866-4-USWAGEcustomarily place notices for employees.ANTI-FRA YRewards of up to $25,000 may be paid to personsconnection with a proceeding under USERRA, U.S. Department of LaborU.S. Department 4.Y Office ofEmployer Support of (1-866-487-9243) TTY: 1-877-889-5627 Wage and Hour Division WH1420 REV 04/16Yoouummuusstthbeav Aeble a h istoto wroyrk a of sundff iciAveanilable for work.providing information to the Depart and contment of Financial viction ofeven if that person has no service connection. VETStim 5. Special Counsel the Guard and Reserve www.dol.gov/whd IOSHA 3165-04R 2015Services leading to the arrespersons committing insurance fraud, including ain workers Publication DateOctober 2008 1-866-487-2365 of Justice You may file aack ot.claimf w ofork ifr pa yrtioaur wl unaegmes dployumrinegn tt fhoar at wneye wk eare leek yoss tu whoarkn y leoss tur wheaenkly full Wage and Hour Division1-800-321-OSHA (6742)TTY 1-877-889-5627www.osha.gov 1-800-336-4590 U.S. Department of Laborbenee dfiut ae tmoo lunemployers who illegally verage. Perfail to obtsons mratment aty repor Revision Date: 07/162016 ComplyRight, Inc. IMPORTANT NOTE: The FMLA only applies to employers with 50 or more employees or public employers, regardless of employee size. See your human resources manager to determine if the FMLA applies to your employer.ERFEDcompensation co tird-degreesuspected fraud to the depa Yolonu my wusitht rep a mort aaximll euamrnin pegns waltyh oilef 5 cla yeimars iingm bperinsoefitsnm. eFant iluanre d toa $ d5o,0 s0o0 is a fine th.fe1-800-378-0445 45or online atmiscon nhttps://www.myfloridacfo.co ot subject to civil liabilityFraud/ Disch aa prgeens realtylat pwe remp D remduacin t cino ennffeecct teudn wtiilt hawseot rakm moauyn resut of wlt inag edsisq hauvaeli fbicaeetionA person is nm/Division/DIFS/WC w edio todAloNyment.eaithrned with nefor furnishing such information, if such person acts without malice, fraudVoluunatalirficatily qiuoint iunngtilaa jo sbe tw aitmhoouutn gt ooof dw acaguesse h aavt e ri bbueteabn lee atorn tehdewemithp nloeywer e mmapylo reymsuelt innt.or bad faith.disqIf yoau hrtmaveen at onf yE qcouenstioomic Opns regpaordinrtungity re, Reeempmlopyloymemnt eanssistt Assistaancen bcee Pnerogfits,ram con atat:ct theDepDepaDirtment of Economic Opportunity vision of WReemployment Aorkssfoisrctance See Prvrogricesa m ww 1w-8.florida00-204j-obs.2418org 6poD9FLS6F.40-10574, F8.A.C. Compensation NoticeThismplo istasntedceiPrno acgrcaomrd Laanwce.with Section 443.151(1) Florida Statutes, of the Florida Reenoticyemen must tA bes(Feraviusde dre Mpaorrtcinhg 2 l0in1k0 updated February 2019)RRevision Date: 11/192020 ComplyRight, Inc. EMPLOYER NOTE: Must be posted in a conspicuous place for convenient viewing by al employees and applicants. E10FLL'