b'Employee RecordFile FoldersEmployee File Folders3 tabbed divider,6 tabbed divider, Brought to you by ComplyRight folders and jacket. folders and jacket.What It Is: Maintaining employee records is a must for any business. Organize medical records, training information, evaluations and more in secure, durable folders, in di\x1d erent sizes,Individual to meet any need. folders shown below.Who Its For:Business of all sizes. We o\x1d er a variety of con\x1f dential \x1f le folders that are legallyBestsellercompliant so businesses can store material with con\x1f dence. Employee Record OrganizerEmployee Record Organizerfor Small Business Use this mini-\x1f ling cabinet for each employee to keep all important Why Sell It: information in one place. Just tuck all six \x1f le folders neatly into the Store the three most critical types of employee These employee folders assist businesses in complying with privacy rules\x1f organizer jacket and youll be able to securely store up to 200 pages.les safely and securely. This e\x1ecient and durable and recordkeeping laws for personnel folders, employment records andorganizer is perfect for smaller businesses. You also can record basic employee information right on the cover. employee medical records. Item No. A3103 Item No.A1175Price per pkg/25. 6 tabbed divider, folders and jacket. Price per pkg/25. 3-tabbed divider, folders and jacket.77 Size: 11/ 8 " x 9" outer jacket, 1" expansion. Size: 11/ 8 " x 9", outer jacket, 1" expansion. When to Sell:Year-round.Six Folders Organize Every Aspect of Employee RecordkeepingA0308Attendance A0312Performance A0313SeparationA0311Payroll/TaxA0309Bene\x1e ts/Insurance A3310Hiring and Employment History8 Recordkeeping Folders Recordkeeping Folders 9'