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E-File, Print & Mail

Did you know that electronic W-2 and 1099 filing has spiked in recent years? Traditional paper tax filing is being surpassed by the convenience and reliability of e-filing. The reasons for e-filing’s growth are two-fold. First, e-filing is popular because everything is done online – eliminating the need for paper forms. Second, users save significant labor costs associated with printing, mailing and manually submitting forms. CDS now offers two ways for both customers and distributors to take advantage of this trend.

  1. Efile1099NOW  -  Online Filing in a Box:
    Similar to how Turbo Tax works - except it's for filing forms like the W-2 and 1099. It lets dealers tap into the growing online filing trend and offset declining paper sales -  all through a single SKU. You just sell the box with an online access code that's good for 10 filings. If customers need more filings, they simply buy another box. How does it work? Customers go online and complete their forms. Then we electronically file with government agencies. And we even print and mail copies to the employees, independent contractors and other recipients from our secure SOC-certified facility.
  2. E-File Private Label Website - All the Bells and Whistles:
    For partners seeking to offer a more robust e-file solution, ComplyRight can create a private-labeled website with your branding and messaging. With minimal effort on your part, you can generate incremental revenue by introducing this service to your customers. We provide the website engine and handle the printing, mailing and e-filing. You also receive marketing and sales support to help ensure a successful program.


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