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Labor Law Solutions

Maintaining posting compliance is overwhelming for most businesses. That’s why it makes sense to become a one-stop labor law poster solutions provider. As a partner, you can assist customers through a handful of solutions: Federal Posters only, State Posters only, Federal/State combination sets or an annual poster service. With little to no effort to your business, you can provide your customers with superior services — as your business acts as the one-stop solution for labor law posters. ComplyRight offers a cost-effective and convenient way to help customers get in compliance with labor law posting requirements.

ComplyRight Labor Law Posters:

• Comply with mandatory labor law posting regulations at the federal and state level.

• Developed by a team of attorneys and legal researchers, and we guarantee 100% compliance with federal and state laws.

ComplyRight Poster Service:

• Effectively eliminates the work, worry and expense of maintaining labor law posting compliance.

• Customers receive FREE automatic replacement posters whenever a mandatory change occurs (at no additional charge whenever a mandatory).

• No matter how many changes occur, they can be certain their postings are current and fully compliant. We guarantee it. 

Our partners can sell our posters in several ways: Federal Posters only, State Posters only, Federal/State combination sets and annual poster service.

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