Tax Forms & Software


As an industry leader, we offer the most comprehensive assortment of paper and pressure-seal tax forms, envelopes, software and all-in-one kits available anywhere. Our highly intuitive software mirrors the actual IRS forms on screen, making it make it easy for employers and accountants to print and file 1099, W-2 and ACA reporting forms.


E-File, Print & Mail


Now is the time to take advantage of the online filing trend. We’ve developed an inclusive, Web-based solution for simple and secure filing of annual tax reporting forms. After data is entered or uploaded to the site, forms are printed and mailed to recipients and e-filed directly with the IRS or SSA. Let us take care of all the details, while you reap the benefit of additional sales!


Labor Law Solutions


All U.S. employers are required by law to display federal and state postings informing employees of certain rights and regulations. These ongoing and ever-changing requirements can be met through 100% compliant federal poster kits, state kits and combined federal/state kits. For more comprehensive protection, an annual, attorney-backed subscription service provides a complete poster set upon enrollment, as well as automatic updates whenever changes occur.


Health Care Forms


We carry a full line of CMS-1500 Forms (for all medical facilities), UB-04 Forms (for hospitals and institutions) and ADA Forms (for dentists), with the corresponding envelopes. Our forms are developed in conjunction with all the governing agencies, including the National Uniform Claim Committee, the CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the American Hospital Association and others.


HR & Employee Management


From attendance tracking to recordkeeping, from hiring to harassment training, we have the tools to help businesses manage employees and stay in compliance. Our products and solutions help employers solve common HR challenges making employee management easier.


Workplace Safety


By law, employers must comply with the safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). The purpose of this Act is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. ComplyRight offers a full line of safety solutions that helps businesses meet the requirements and protect employees from workplace hazards.