Federal (English) & State (English) Labor Law Poster Service (1-Year)

Federal (English) & State (English) Labor Law Poster Service (1-Year)
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High-quality Federal and State Posting Compliance Solution
ComplyRight Poster Service is a high-quality labor law posting solution that provides the necessary federal and state postings to help employers meet compliance with federal and state laws. All businesses, regardless f size, are required to display mandatory federal and state labor law posters. Businesses are required to display these postings at each location where employees and applicants gather, such as break rooms, human resources or near time-clocks. Failure to meet compliance with these posting requirements can lead to hefty fines and legal liabilities.
Ideal for single and multi-site employers, ComplyRight Poster Service is a cost-effective posting compliance
solution, which includes mandatory postings, along with one year of legal monitoring and a 100% Compliance
Guarantee against fines for improper posting content. The ComplyRight Poster Service covers individual posters such as E-Verify and Right to Work, no smoking, state workers’ compensation industry wage orders and Spanish postings, when required by law. To provide valuable peace of mind to businesses, the service also includes free, automatic poster replacements for mandatory posting changes as well as posters for newly added posting requirements, which can amount to significant cost-savings for employers.
- Accurate and up-to-date federal and state-specific postings, which are researched and monitored by our
in-house legal team of attorneys and legal researchers
- Includes one year of legal monitoring and automatic poster replacements, at no additional cost, any time
there is a mandatory posting change
- Quick Response (QR) code printed on each state poster, to scan and instantly determine if posters are compliant
- Must be displayed in prominent and accessible locations that are highly visible to all employees
- New poster, at no additional cost, any time a posting requirement is added
- Meet strict government requirements for color, font and size
- Timely email notifications of posting changes and poster replacement activity
- Laminated for added durability

Language: Federal (English) and State (English)

Sizes: Federal is 24" x 26.75", state varies