Frequently Asked Question

Where are your shipping locations?

Our four strategically located facilities nationwide enable us to minimize freight and delivery times. We have warehouses in California, Florida, Minnesota and New Jersey.

What are your major products and services?

Tax forms, like the W-2 and 1099-MISC Tax software ACA reporting forms E-file, print and mail services Medical billing forms, like the CMS -1500 Labor law posters and subscription service Personnel forms, like the I-9 and state-compliant job applications OSHA and workplace safety solutions.

Do I need to maintain inventory of your products?

No. We offer a turnkey drop-ship program, relieving you from having to maintain inventory

Do you offer electronic ordering?

Yes, we offer electronic EDI ordering to our partners.

What reporting do you provide to resellers?

We provide our partners with email shipping confirmations. In addition, we can supply daily or weekly open-order reports depending on your needs.

Do you maintain tax form inventory throughout the season?

Yes. We offer the most complete selection of tax forms, pressure-seal forms and envelopes available anywhere. And we keep the entire line in stock for the entire season. This means you won't get an order we can't fulfill or lose a sale because we don't have the products.

My customer needs a custom pressure seal order. Can you do that?

Absolutely. We offer a full line of stock pressure-seal forms, and can also quote on custom jobs.

Do you have an established customer reorder program?

Yes, we have a tax reorder program. We know some sales are easier to capture than others. Providing reorder forms to our partners is a smart, simple way to help you capture repeat business

What marketing support do you provide?

We have catalogs that can be imprinted with your logo and contact information free of charge. We have customizable flyers and emails promoting our product lines that you can send to customers. And we have ready-to-go banner ads to help you market our offerings.

What are the system requirements?

We are continually upgrading our online services to provide you with the most valuable and secure online access. We recommend that you use the latest version of the supported browsers.

OS Requirements:ALL Operating Systems are supported.

Browser Requirements:The majority of modern Browsers are supported (Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and 2 versions lower for each of them (Example: For IE11[Current], we also support IE10[1 version lower] & IE9[2 versions lower]).